habla con mi mano, amigo.

so here’s one that should be good for a tarde de martes laugh. one of my classmates must have thought that he was being all that smooth talking caballero when he sent me one of those drippy flirty text messages last weekend. you know, the kind that would make a 15-year old girl (sorry if you’re reading this KW, but you know that you’re way smarter than that) go all melty and weepy.

and but of course, it had all the finishings of a classic wannabe sean kingston (who is in my personal opinion, the definition of a wannabe anyway). i miss you. impressions on my heart. can’t wait to see you. can someone get me a bucket already?

okay lar. maybe he does not mean to come across like a tragic poet la. and it is entirely possible that behind all that wussie pink tint is a sweet and sensitive dude. but come on man. you don’t send some random classmate, whom you’ve barely exchanged five words with your entire lifetime, things like that – unless of course, you genuinely thought that things like that would actually work on girls, and oh, particularly me.

i don’t know which is more disturbing. the idea that guys actually think that lines like these work on girls. or that these lines really do actually work on some girls. OR, that this guy actually thinks that these kinda lines would actually work on ME!!!

and no, i honestly don’t mean to be a crabby bitch, but really, there is just something about receiving a text message like that which is just creepy. some random guy telling you that he misses you? super weird. very creepy. mucho extraño. whatever happened to being friends? whatever happened to casual, friendly conversations? dear god, whatever happened to subtlety?!

obviously, J wanted to shred every tendon in his arms for it. it did not help that this admirer guy tried to call me a coupla times too. i did not pick up the calls. i was scared that i would unintentionally or quite intentionally blurt out some uninsured sarcastic remark that he may or may not get. also, i already know that it is going to be sorta awkward going to class again at that, but that is actually the least of my worries.

oh well. flattered, i’m sure.

oh, go and see watchman. it is quite unusual and you’ll either love it or have a terrible headache after.


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