what i lack in decorum, i make up for with an absence of tact. ~ don williams jr

monday night saw me going all samurai bitch over the work delegation of a new project. oh my GOD, i was so angry, i wanted to walk out on the whole thing. do the whole artist tantrum drama. go out with no underwear. get plastered. pass out on the curbside. all that jazz. oh yes, the paparazzi will do the conga celebration now, won’t they?

and people wonder why i’m not the one polishing oscar trophies.

oh heath, you are so sorely missed.

J did the whole sounding board and boring lecture session. you know, it really is one thing to rant and bitch about a lousy setup. it is actually a few whole other levels to really surrender and walk out. i complain. i complain all the time. in fact, i am actually pretty good at the whole drama queen persona. hello? academy awards nomination committee? oh woe is me?

my spark of sanity. my slap back to reality. J. i love you, you know i do.

as a result, tuesday morning was blah. oh my god, i can’t believe that i finally found a situation to be describe as “blah.” before this, i never thought that it was even a word. more of an expression. and a lazy one at that too. i was never the biggest fan of fricatives. except in expletives anyway.

it did not help that tai chi has found its way onto by bad posture and is attempting to straighten the flow of chi in that area. yes ladies and gentlemen. there goes my part in the next hunchback of menara kuala lumpur. my agents will definitely miss those commissions.

wednesday is better. mostly because i phrazed through most of it. too much academy awards red carpet commentary repeats on channel E got to me eventually. you can only listen to jay talking so many times about heidi klum’s origami dress before you start fantasizing about paper cranes, no? ;)

love you too jay. dig the skin tone.

and today… well it is one minute past six pm local time and it is actually way too early to tell. i got another project meeting this evening so if you see a world war three headline in tomorrow’s newspaper – “revenge of the lunatic writer” – yes, has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? – it would probably be me. oh, and if my mugshot happen to be smiling, its a tribute to heath.

been raining a lot these few days, hasn’t it?


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