if nominated, i will not accept; if drafted, i will not run; if elected, i will not serve. ~ william tecumseh sherman

its been one of those weeks that is filled with so many different things, i really need to write it all down to catch up with my own life. you know all that jazz about variety and the spice of life and all? well forget about the salt and pepper shakers, i’d like them in a nice masala from now on, thank you very much.

on sunday evening, i found myself engaged in a game of ping pong with a retired army captain, and might i add, though we were not counting points, we did attract a small fan base. later, we held a lengthy conversation about the state of festive celebrations, and how it was just so much more meriah about twenty years ago. oh my god, even now, i still can’t believe i agreed about it being twenty years ago. god, i feel so old. you know, the days when you judge a fruitful angpow collection by the weight of the coins in your pocket and fire crackers were the order of the day. sigh…~!

i started going for tai chi on tuesday. i know. the movements are so slow and i got to admit that the first class was a tad too slow motion for me. but you know, i am sure that when we learn more moves, it will get a lot more interesting. i took up tai chi for two reasons. firstly, i love the harmony and idea of choreographed movements. really, i truly do. and secondly, i wanted to do something together with mom and dad. that’s my own personal reason. throw in all that people say about health benefits and i’m happy as pie.

i got news that lan-e tuyang will be playing on stage this july and matt had asked me to go to sarawak a week early to practice with the group. oh. my. god! the don’t need to mention my name or anything, i just want to stand on that stage! :) kinda got my practicing again and listening to matt’s CDs, which is really exciting.

i got a four writing projects i’m working on. one conference abstract – and i’m going for the kill on this one. one award nomination paper – not the tourism one this time. it’s an aviation piece and i’m quite nervous about it. and two stories for two different editors. all the datelines are on a train wreck collision course so you can expect me to be on a prolonged PMS trip towards the end of this month.

and work has been one that keeps you on your toes. the kind that makes you feel bitchy enough to be effectively productive throughout the day. in retrospect, the heart attack meetings and late evenings do come across as satisfying sometimes. don’t try to tell me this when i got my desk piled with random stacks of assignments, tho.

one of the managers working with me on one of those projects rushed us bullet train style through this evening’s discussion and left straight away after. he was urgently in need of buying a valentine’s day card for his wife. he’s been married for over ten years and been dating her for many years before that, and has never failed to give her a card, or to write her a love letter on valentine’s day.

that’s really something, ain’t it? :)


2 thoughts on “if nominated, i will not accept; if drafted, i will not run; if elected, i will not serve. ~ william tecumseh sherman

  1. I once did ballroom dancing with mom and a whole bunch of her auntie friends when i was 14. It felt nice and weird altogether, but hey, memorable (why else would i be STILL mentioning this). taichi i can take. line-dancing tu, really tak boleh. Mom also did fan-dance before. Now that was a hoot. I watched, that’s just as good as moral support i think.

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