i will be waiting for you at the red rocks amphitheatre!

this is one of the most beautiful amphitheater i have ever seen in my life! it is a bunch of rocks sculpted so beautifully, that it forms natural acoustics for the stage performances. open air. morrison, colorado, which is by the way, bukan macam cuaca back home – the whole time i was in colorado, there was hardly a cloud in its blue, blue sky.

and darling only everyone who is an anyone has performed here. in the summer months, there is a concert here every night. U2 has performed here several times. fleetwood mac. stevie nicks. neil young. jetro tull. sonny & cher. john denver. the carpenters. the rolling stones. the beatles. ringo starr and his all star band. and the beatles tribute concerts, of course.

and of course, the dave matthews band. R.E.M. oasis.coldplay. phish. insane clown posse… oh my god, the list goes on and on and on, there is actually a long tunnel in the visitor’s center with walls lines with an endless list of performers and gallery after gallery of rock legends. i tell you, if not for the fact that it was closing time already, i would have been at red rocks all night long and probably the next night too, and when you find my starved body by the third or fourth or fifth day, you will see a smile plastered on my face because i have gone to heaven and it was the most beautiful place i have ever been.

this structure is so amazing, it was once named as one of the seven wonders of the world. on these very rocks also, they’ve found jurassic dinosaur bones. how ultra cool is that! i really need to pimp this one so here is the website: http://www.redrocksonline.com/. the list of performers for this summer is not out yet, but i can tell you one this’s for sure – it will be spectacular, and i will be ranting like a real bitch about it because i would probably be on the other side of the planet instead of here.

picture is of me. on stage. naturally.

this is how it is like to have a front row center seat at red rocks. i would have glued myself permanently to the seat if not for the cold and my love for spicy food.


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