the wild white west

it was one of the warm winter days in colorado. warm winter sounds like an blatant contradiction, kan? i never thought i’d use the expression – or even understood what it meant – before this. but after days and days of living below zero degrees celsius, one sunny morning is enough to feel a great difference in warmth. and to get sunburnt. which is the other thing which was weird. i kena sunburn in the winter in colorado. oh. my. god.

and so on this warm day, i took a tour up to the colorado rocky lookout mountain to the distinctively more cowboy side of the state. yee haw! the most famous figure around here is, duh, buffalo bill cody, and of course, his troupe of the wild wild west show! buffalo bill and his troupe are long gone, but there’s a nice museum for him tucked right in these here hills where they got ranches and horses and bisons and elks and llamas.

my spanish profesora had problems remembering malaysian names so gave us all spanish nombres. and this, i swear, is completely accidental, but my spanish nombre is “lola.” true story. its relationship to this picture – which profesora has never seen before even up to today – is one of those coincidental ironies that leaves me in complete awe. how did she know? :)

dan seperti biasa, di mana ada cowboy, mesti la ada native indians. buffalo bill made good with the native indians, apparently. kawan baik dia namanya sitting bull. one of those heroes that united the clans, battled the no good sheriff, rescued the damsel in distress. you get the whole movie.

oh, the picture. skunk in my teepee. hee hee! :D

and shooting just ain’t for the fellas, yo. the famous sharp shooter annie oakley was part of buffalo bill’s troupe. she’s reputed to be the first female american superstar, yo. i think the picture is a bit out of place because there are greens drawn on the board, tapi background semua snow. also, because i got a humongous jacket on and the painting of the cowgirl so petite. dainty je posing kaki dia, kan?

okay, you can’t see it very well, but actually behind me is buffalo bill’s grave. i’m just too bunched up, and my arms are too cold and short to take from a further angle. and the others were souvenir shopping so tak boleh diharap. gossip here is, when buffalo bill died, people argued as to where to bury him. the people in iowa wanted him. the people in wyoming wanted him. finally, he was buried in colorado – arranged by his wife – some say by force, some say by bribe, some say by blackmail. drama jugak mat koboi ni, kan?


One thought on “the wild white west

  1. yoo,,,,m’cam tak nak balik nampak nya daaaaa.

    kirim salam to mat mat obama di-sana.

    yeop ho hoo,,,,, ( hujan tak berenti henti si-Miri sekarang,,,,tau-lah you main snow)

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