all my memorie gather round her, miner’s lady, stranger to blue water

just being cheesy. haha. in actuality, the name john denver has nothing to do with the naming of the city of denver. instead. it’s something something about some political figure of something something for doing something or other. ya, i know. you’d never believe these kind of lines coming from an award winning writer, kan? ;)

oh my dear dear dear god in blessed heaven – pardon my spanish, but it is so sejuk gila babi nak mampus in denver, i am freezing my poor limbs off! where is the flab when you really, really need it, hah?! i swear, the moment i stepped out of the airport, ice particles started to form on my skin. if i did not move about, i would have become a snowman in two minutes.

it is minus 16 degrees celcius the night i arrived yo. snow. wind. storm. you name it. i was blowing mist just by breathing from my nose.

oh, please excuse the moment of asian jakun-ness. it does not snow back home and i am entitled to be all giggly 4-year-old about the experience.

that’s the invesco stadium, where just a few months back, obama gave his elections victory speech. literally and figuratively very cool. my guide told me that people were paying up to $30 just to park their cars near this areas and walk to see the speech. that’s like almost a hundred ringgit back home yo.

and the cool thing about the stadium is that it belongs to the people. when it was being built, the public took up bonds to pay for the stadium. a penny from every dollar spent also went to contribute to the stadium. see the white horse on top of the stadium tu? that’s like the icon of the place. his name is bucky buckaroo. true story.

me. bunched up in layers of clothes and my apple bottom jacket that i bought from a factory reject shop back home. you really can’t see it, but it actually missing two buttons – hence the reject status. i figured, well, i haven’t the faintest idea when i would use it again anyway. plus, the zips and the other buttons work fine so it was functionally perfect.

i had like the most insufferable time back home looking for the right pair of shoes – since my shoe consultant is still in korea and all. hmph! – and i am glad i got a chunky boot one instead of a more delicate black leather one.

before i left, dad told me about not lacing my boots too tight because my feet would sweat and i’d have damp feet inside my socks. oh my god, it really did happen!!! it really is not as gross as it sounds, but it was so damn weird! don’t you think it’s weird? i think it’s weird!


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