just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm; just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm. ~ lady gaga

for the past week, i’ve been having the excitement of work and CNY all at one go. so busy that i have hardly had the time to make the travel plans for my trip next week. thank god i got the crew over here arranging for my flights and accommodations or else i would have to sleep on a park bench or a bus stop or something like that. if you lads really must know, i’m off to america to say ‘yo’ to the new president :)

here’s a tip for you in applying for an american visa: don’t wait for the very last minute to do it. you got to make payment first, then wait a day, set an appointment, then wait a day, go for an interview, then wait a day, then only you can pick it up – if it is approved.

i was at the embassy earlier in the week and there was a depressed guy there who wanted to fly to LA the very next day and thought that he could get a visa done on the spot. thing is, encik, yang nak start arguing dengan si mak guard to pulak knape? she was just advising you la, duh! i never really knew what happened to the guy because mak guard quickly gave me my number and pointed me in the direction of the waiting room. at least she did not want to cause a scene la.

tadi, i went to collect my approved visa at jalan ampang. i was walking into the building and headed towards the lift with my ears stuffed with my mp3 player. in front to of me were two neatly dressed guys, who appeared to be heading in the same direction so i just ikut behind them la. now, just before the lift, ada a guard counter, rite. the moment they saw these two guys coming, they jumped to their feet and struck a tabik. these two guys tabik balik and continued walking.

needless to say, when the lift came, i was not allowed to share a lift with them. what was i thinking? well to be honest, up to that point, the only thing on my mind was the cut off time for the mcdonalds breakfast across the road. and then i tried to justify with myself why i could not share a lift with someone of a high profile, and the best thing i came up with was because i might fart in the lift, and get arrested for turning a lift into a gas chamber to murder a VIP. so ya, it was for my own good.

so now i got the weekend to hunt for winter clothing in attempts of not freezing to death a million miles away from home. to be perfectly honest, i don’t know what to expect. all they’re telling me is that it’s negative four degrees where i’m going and there’s snow. dad tells me that i will become beku the moment i step out of the airport.

and so as mentioned, i’m having all my CNY reunions a week in advanced and it is turning out to be a pretty good experience. friends not too stressed out about the celebrations and all still in the delusional good spirits and all.

it is the WORK that suddenly cropped up that has me going all incredible hulk in the office. sudden, time consuming, utterly UNNECESSARY work, i swear to god. and it is not the kind of work we can actually say, ‘go wank off’ to either, because some people would be daft enough to really go wank off and get the whole load of us into a lot more trouble. *ARGH!* :P

ugh and the last bits of cough is still stuck in my throat. sigh. should not have had the oranges at BL’s house last week, but it is in the spirit of the season, CNY and all. oh well.


4 thoughts on “just dance, gonna be okay, da da doo-doo-mmm; just dance, spin that record babe, da da doo-doo-mmm. ~ lady gaga

  1. the solution to your problem will be LAYERING.

    1st layer – thermal underwear
    2nd layer – normal civilized clothes
    3rd layer – fleece. the warmer kind. Polartec 200 or 300. or Polartec Pro. if u are into this kinda thing.
    most outer layer – down jacket.

    and please throw in good gloves and a warm beanie as well.

    this is suppose to be the ultimate combi. i’ve never been below zero during daytime so can’t attest to it :P

  2. mortdevol is right – that’s my normal getup here in winter but -4 is not so bad that i need three layers. thermal wear and sweater and coat is ok for me when it’s -4
    thermal wear, shirt, sweater, coat is when it hits -10 or sumthing like that, but then again, i’ve probably acclimatized.
    don’t forget a muffler though – that’s really important for me at least.
    (p/s: and yes the beanie too. Sometimes i wear it over my tudung when it gets too cold.)

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