lets go to the zoo, there’s lots of things to do

and the finger licking good food is nowhere to be found. well excuse me for being the last person to find out, thank you very much. take it from me, if you have not been to zoo negara for some time, the KFC just ain’t there anymore. and if it is, they are in serious need of some advertising. J has this theory that because that outlet created a sort of monopoly at the zoo a few years back, there was a conspiracy to close it down. hush-hush and all that jazz. simple economic greed. well, if this investigative blogger lands in the slammer tomorrow, you’ll know why.

besides that, the zoo was surprisingly lively and certainly not shabby and miserable like a lot of naysayers would claim. granted, a lot of the zoo was being renovated and there were some empty cages and all, but lively in the sense that there were about a zillion screeching children towing their helpless parents with them as they scamper around the compound.

from what i gather, there were two majorities where it comes to the kinds of people who go to the zoo. those with a wagon full of very small kids – the kind who are too young to play PS games but are old enough to not have their lungs explode when they break the sound barrier. and people who have gotten their first DSLR camera, but no one would pose for them because they can’t take decent enough photos on any of the priority modes. so as they graduate from taking the flowers in their own back yards, the zoo is their next practice ground.

we were there for a change of scenery. you can only get so much of subang and sunway before urban combustion becomes inevitable. and since we only had the day to spare, our good humour brought us to the zoo. damn, that jingle really does stay with you, doesn’t it?

oh, catch the multi animal show if you’re here. it is strangely entertaining. go early, save seats – i don’t know where all these human beings came from either, but the seats really do fill up. the bird shows are a little disturbing, but i liked the sea lion very much.


3 thoughts on “lets go to the zoo, there’s lots of things to do

  1. to me, the whole world is a zoo.
    some of us are stuck in our own cage !
    only place free for me is at kapas island,,,,right now am in my own zoo.
    i want my freedom again,,,be an animal or a bee or a pirate ?,,,just let it be.

  2. love these zoo shots… always get me thinking… and which side of the cage are animals supposed to be.

    next time, catch the water-eagle show… excellent!

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