huh. it does kind of tingle. ~sylar

today, i am a clock repair person whatever you call it. i know what you’re thinking – postgrad in sociolinguistics and discourse analysis and here i am with a screwdriver in one hand and a non abrasive cloth in the other, fiddling with the gears and pendulums.

personally, this is awfully interesting and i am actually having an awesome afternoon. it is an atmos jaeger lecoultre. a prized clock, seriously. no batteries. no electricity. it runs on perpetual motion powered by gravity and springs that react to temperature changes to move the gears. how absolufuckinglutely cool is that?

i watch how even small changes in how the pendulum sways affects the gears rotate, and how that one glitch moves from one part of the clock to another, eventually to the minute hands of the face. how every detail in the clock works in harmony. a mechanism of perfection.

and the atmos is a complete self sustaining piece of perfection. very, very beautiful. the more i pursue this curiosity to understand the mechanics of this clock, the more i am rewarded by perfection and the knowledge of how it works. its harmony and how it is beautiful.

as i turn the dials and clean the chrome body of the clock, i suddenly find myself in a sylar frame of mind. oh excuse me for having a heroes moment here, but sylar has definitely evolved to be one of my favourite characters – psycho killer and all the emotional conflicts and all.

i am intrigued by the idea of symbiosis. how perfection works. and an understanding of how perfection works. isn’t it curious how we can create things that work perfectly to perform a function, but we ourselves cannot work, much less live, together to achieve that harmony?

and looking at the situation of the world, i get angry. i mean, who would not? wars. people killing each other. people polluting the environment. and you actually come to a point where you don’t exactly give up on the world, but you attempt to release yourself from such association, whereby you regard those who disrespect life as lower life forms. and come on, this is logically justified. i really cannot have that high of a regard for a rempit who snatches bags or for a person who litters on the streets, for example. these kind of people are glitches in the system. those who ruin the symbiosis. the perfection.

on the flipside, when you actually encounter someone who are exceptionally upright, you develop a respect for the person. they bring a balance to the force.

and then – in the sylar frame of mind – there are those who are special. who exceeds what is normal extraordinarily. those who are diabolically evil. and those who are supernaturally good. no matter what. and you just want to know how the live their lives that way. to be regarded special. HOW? and i guess, what makes them tick.

i know. i should go home. it is too close to the weekend for deep thoughts right about now. you’re right.


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