new year’s day: now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~mark twain

it was EM’s suggestion to go to langkawi. and the dates were set around PB’s social schedule. on the day of departure, EM was in london and PB’s so-called social schedule had disintegrated and he’s in KL being the good good corporate citizen he tries to be.

so there were just four of us upholding the tradition this year. JT, who had one foot in the trip from the very beginning probably did not even wake up to get to the airport.

langkawi. my langkawi. on my god – the kind of nostalgia that comes back to me…! the buildings. the streets. the streets. the beaches. sigh…!

dinner at telaga harbour. when i was staying in langkawi many years ago, telaga harbour was just only going to be built. i remember driving by the area to go to pantai kok, and this piece of land was still empty. the it was cordoned off and became a construction site. i remember coming back to langkawi for a media trip a few years ago and the marina had only JUST opened.

and now, you can see telaga harbour from miles away, with colourful lights and an open air band that plays so loud, i’m almost sure that the nearby kampung folk have sound proofed their walls at home.

another one of those things i missed out on while i was staying here is the cable car ride. it was built while i was staying here and opened in my last few days in langkawi. when it first opened, the rides were free and obviously, a million people rushed to the new attraction, including my colleagues from work. why i never joined in back then eludes me to this day.

thing is, it was scary. i have never been the biggest fan of heights and cable cars are not my definition on the most exciting rides in the world. but you know what? if you sit with your back to everything, this one is okay la. just one note of advise to the next traveller – bring sunblock. the place is cool and windy, but you are standing on gunung matcincang – the second highest mountain on langkawi. you can get burnt. RC and TK did and they did not even realise it until we got back to the hotel much later. and it was not pretty. sorry, i can’t put photos. the guys will murder me in my sleep if i do.

the skybridge was a thrill on its own too. it was made with slabs of solid concrete, but connected with beams that are made to sway with the wind. like the twin towers – you get the concept. the view is spectacular and you can see the tops of the nearby mountains and islands as well. there is also a nicely cut trail to go trekking also over here, but we did not venture. i remain curious tho :)

they have expanded the dataran helang!!! the last time i was staying here, the front of the plaza is so short and narrow, it was impossible to take a picture of the front of the eagle (it was therefore the norm back then to take the obligatory photo at the rear of the eagle – a classic image!). today, there is even a platform in front of the eagle, so even the shorties can level up to the eagle.

i do not owe anyone an explanation for this photo, but i would take this oppourtunity to thank the hotel management for not giving us neighbours. really. it would not have been pretty.

we spent the last day of 2008 they way we always should – on the beach, basking in brilliantly blue sunshine, soaking in salty sea water, drinking coconuts, and eating lunch sand between our toes. towards evening, we flew home and to up with the rest of the akurians for our toasts at RC’s place.

happy new year! :)


5 thoughts on “new year’s day: now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual. ~mark twain

  1. Waaaaaaa..your new year is so exciting!!! At least you are near the beach..must be fun kan?

    Blog therapy? Cannot la babe, my eyes sakit la..i have been having this minor burning feeling since yesterday.. pedih :(

    Happy new year!!

  2. yes, u may sleep well now that the photos are not posted though…:) now, think of next stop. Any other Pulau to go?? Just ignore Nei’s pleas..:P

  3. ei uncle, i am the nice one la… you should be worried about the other guy. he’s the scandalous one! :)

  4. hey philters, i enjoy langkawi too somehow. cheapo and cheapo !
    btw, u looking for apartment kah? got some pretty cheap ones in tmn desa, do not buy any in Dsara Perdana, and Kota Damansara.

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