all you got to do is watch me – look what i can do with my feet! ~ chris brown

J tells me that my friends are geeks, but hey, they’re probably the coolest bunch of geeks you’d ever meet. the past couple of weeks have just awesome. relish in that statement lads, i don’t say it very often.

it began with BT and E’s wedding, which was a really beautiful affair and a sort of reunion for a lot of the akurians. it must have been – what – almost twelve years since. makes us sound so old kan? but really, the wedding was beautiful. and the two families were so sporting, the night really turned out quite fun. i really must find the final bollywood video. that’s classic!

and rightfully anticipating the worse, we were all put together at a table at the back of the hall – in a true akurian fashion. i know that we all got proper careers and responsibilities now, but we are still kinda loud and restless and we vandalise the props used as table arrangements. i got pictures. but you’re not going to see it here, in case a certain cyberjaya hotel tracks us down.

and in case you have not noticed yet, we like to take pictures. of ourselves. i have really never been the biggest fan of the camera lens – until i meet my school friends again (oh yes, that means you too, KH!).

the obligatory polite group photo with the bride and groom. in case you’re suddenly seeing double, i’m telling you that yes, they are identical twins. JT however, insists that all those things about twins that you see on tv is utter bullshit. they may share the same DNA, but if you prick one twin, the other will not feel a pain. we have yet to test this important scientific theory, tho.

one worries for RC and TK in this photo. one worries for VJ also. and PB. and AN. i worry for myself too. and yet, this photo comes across strangely comforting. i am not the only one that turned out self absorbed and mildly deranged.

congratulations BT and E! :)


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