last post for 2008

that’s right, lads, you won’t be seeing postings again for the rest of the year. though, if you do meet me in person over the next few days, do come on up and say hi and we’ll take a cuppa kindness yet, for auld lang syne.

2008 had ups and downs, but it certainly was not a bad year after all. i got several people to thank for it. you wonderful blog stalkers who have followed me on my journeys. the akurians. the pint sized kids who – in the past few months – made me understand why imagination is by leagues, far more important than knowledge. and most importantly, J – whom you can thank the tinge of cheeriness in this post (and person!) for.

as a tribute to the year that will soon conclude, here’s some highlights of 2008.

january: i welcomed 2008 with a total blast at pangkor island with the akurians. teluk intan mee rebus. climbing trees. swinging on an old tyre. airheads (oh. my. god. AIRHEADS!!!). bananas. foam sprays. thus is an official first in our annual new year class reunions! (probably the beginning of the prank filled year too! – it is all your fault, RC!).

january: backpacking myanmar. 24 days in the junta held land, visiting the yangon capital, mandalay, lake inle, bagan, bago, kyaitiyo and back to yangon again. despite what you read in the media, i adore this country. of course there i an every present aura of danger. but i was able to take a step beyond that and discovered kindness in its people and fascination in its lands.

may: rollar bladed again for the first time in ten years and competed in my very first eco-adventure race. tore my amphibious shoes to bits and discovered that i love river scrambling. oh and when push literally comes to shove, i could almost negotiate the spidey abseil without breaking into an elvis. go me! :)

june: a hundred high quality water balloons and some professionally synchronised spy tactics accomplished RC’s spectacularly wet birthday prank. he did not suspect a thing, though he swore (among other things) revenge. again, you’re welcome, bro. and the revenge bit – BRING IT ON!!! :P

july: partying with my kenyah and bidayuh brothers at the rainforest world mud music festival, of course! t’was an delightfully tribal weekend of music and apple juice. how tribal? by the last day of the festival, i went to the site completely barefoot.

september: J’s brithday prank – the crowning glory of my year of covert operations. a wonderful production two months in the making, involving over fifty accomplices. i can now retire with a smile on my face! :)

november: east javan volcanoes!! one of the most amazing – if not THE MOST AMAZING – sights i have ever seen in my life. but only because i went off the beaten tracks. the volcanoes were alive. mt bromo was spewing sulphuric smoke. mt semeru was dangerously rumbling. and the view from the top of mt batok was so gorgeous, it totally blew my mind away.

i am going to spend the last few days of 2008 with some of my oldest friends. the kind you can get all weird around, and they’d still laugh with you. the akurian tradition. so god bless us all, you and me and every one of us. cheers all around and here’s to you, 2008.


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