hello, sorry about the door, is the party over? ~ mr. freeze

some may heard that i was at the hospital for a minor surgery a coupla days ago. i had molluscum contagiosum, a virus growth on the skin of my shoulder and left arm. altogether, i had six lesions. two big ones.

doctor said it was probably transmitted via contact by carrier animals. the virus spreads via skin to skin contact. according to the doctor, the most common place to get this disease is at gyms. since i don’t gym, the doctor said it is also possible that i might have picked it up while backpacking several months back.

it was not life threatening or anything. but i was contagious. so i needed to have it removed via cyro-surgery. you know what that means – liquid nitrogen. oh yes, it hurt alright. stings like a real bitch too. and for many hours after the surgery, it itched, and i had J and my sister smacking my right hand everytime it made even the slightest move towards the gauze dressing.

most of the lesions have turned to blisters already. which is supposed to be a good thing. i’m kinda worried about those that are still very red now. oh yes, it still itches like crazy, but you know what tey say, it will get worst before it gets better, and the pain means something is happening over there and i should just let them be.

i am trying to be optimistic here so cut me some slack alright. *sakit!*

what, you wanted to see pictures of the lesions? have you gone plain nuts? they’re gross and trust me, you don’t want them on you either.


4 thoughts on “hello, sorry about the door, is the party over? ~ mr. freeze

  1. You are now a member of the poxvirus family ! Pulsed dye 585nm laser can do a quick & efficient lesion removal,,,,therapy easily tolerated, without scaring or pigment anomalies but its expense makes it less effective than other options-lah. Just to make you feel better, remember about one in six young people are infected at sometime with MC,,,don’t share towels and to ensure clean bedding material since you travel a lot. Bring along a sarong o.k. everytime and everywhere !.
    Had my fair share of it but now immune,,,dah tua.

  2. Hiya,
    Hope you get better soon..you should check this new product out by Sunway Medical Center its called the Travel Health Kit absolutely brilliant ..you can pick it up at any KK Mart store ..i saw it in Bangsar ..might do you some good ya..cheers

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