east java urban

we got off at the wrong bus station on the way to surabaya. sepatutnya turun kat station surabaya. we got off at purabaya because… well, everyone else was getting off, right, so we all pun turun jugak la.

instantly, we were surrounded by taxi and tour agency touts. both KH and i looked chinese, and we were travelling with Aisya, who we met at probolinggo, who is a white aussie chick. we were a tout magnet trio! of course, we tak sedar that we got off at the wrong bus station until we got out of the bus station itself in an attempt to walk to out guesthouse. instead of 2km away, a taxi driver told us that it was more like 50km away.

sigh. we split a cab there:P

surabaya is a city. no arguments here. sky scrapers. deafening traffic. the works. one of the guides in cemoro lawang had recommended us a place to stay here. it is pretty cool too. an old refurbished colonial villa turned backpacker’s hideout. complete with a courtyard garden filled with orchids lagi.

AND… less than 15 minutes walk to the enormous tunjungan plaza shopping mall. eight floors of shopping. with a convention hall and auditorium on its top two floors. it was massive! really, when civilisation hits you, it hits you BIG!… naturally… all the brand label in signature outlets. starbucks. fast food galore. departmental stores. dear god, the retail was quite unmistakably urban. and with christmas a month away, the glitz and glitter of the season was not spared.

oh yes. i am definitely out of the woods now.


3 thoughts on “east java urban

  1. Hi,

    The guesthouse at Surabaya you mentioned looks inviting.

    Can you please tell me the name, we plan to hop in for a day at Surabaya, from our journey from Bromo and then on to Denpasar.

    Would appreciate if you could enlighten me about the transport options from Cemorolawang to Surabaya.

    Thanks in advance

  2. hi there, sorry for the late reply,

    i can’t remember the name of the guest house (i will try to look for receipts in the next few days). but it is near plaza tunjungan in the middle of surabaya. if you walk pass all the fancy hotels (shereton, jw marriot etc), you will come to a road where there is a nightly street market with all sorts of street vendors. the guesthouse is right on that road. it is an old colonial mansion and was quite an awesome find.

    from cemorolawang, you can go to surabaya by bus or by train. if you are going by bus, please be careful with your negotiations with the locals.

    have fun. i loved bromo. remember to climb mount batok! :)

  3. hi again. the place is called “paviljoen.” if you got the lonely planet on a shoestring, it in there under “surabaya.” i hope this helps. cheers! :)

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