music is the strongest form of magic. ~ marilyn manson

someone in the office has jim brickman’s collection on. on loop. one round is fine. romantic. nostalgic even. and then the CD repeats. and then it repeats again. and again. and again. and again.

if it goes on into the afternoon, i am going to smash the CD player. i know where they keep the two tonne steam rollers at this place. and i have security clearance to access it too. i have never been in the driver seat on one of them before, but you can be as sure as hell that i will bloody well figure the damn thing out.

i spent the weekend being technical. well, with a foot in on that floorspace anyway. which is a surprisingly interesting experience, considering all the excess creativity oozing out of me these past few months which was turning blasphemous, to a certain extend. technical is just more solid logical and a lot less of a fuss, it seems. god knows that in my line of work, that part of my brain has been long neglected already. for lack of need, of course.

buttons. buttons and knobs. each button has a dedicated function. the activation of the button triggers the activation of that singular function. an array of buttons, may function collectively to create an effect. a music, if i may. but only when each button is activated individually. and each button will always perform its dedicated function.

what a joy it was to work with buttons and knobs over the weekend! everything works. everything happens. everything functions when commanded to. i made music! if only life – people! – worked the same way. if only things that are supposed to happen just happens as logically as those buttons.

i know. i am back to my cynically creative self and i am fantasizing of a world run by robots just like me. the greatest irony would be me – the anti social girl that defy conventions to begin with, and thinks that she has authority to talk about functioning in a collective.

music. and CHOCOLATE. oh my god. i had so much chocolate over the past few days. chocolate of every imaginable kind. chocolate drinks. chocolate chip cookies. chocolate muffins. chocolate ice cream. chocolate sauce. chocolate rice. chocolate chips. chocolate marshmallows. chocolate cake. CHOCOLATE FONDUE!!!

there was that chocolate event S, J and i raided. and then dad’s birthday do when chocolate volcanoes may as well have erupted.

the good people at cadbury insisted that chocolate does not cause pimples and does not make me fat. i bet if i pricked myself now, i will spring a chocolate fountain. now tell me if that is healthy or not.


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