ladies and gentlemen, presenting… akurian idols!!!

we are beyond closeted shower singers. we are completely shameless camwhoring microphone hoggers who would bring down the house given half the change. we also evidently got a lot of pent up frustration. not to the scale of ‘earth song’ like the last time (inside joke – you actually got to be there to believe it!). but well, evidently.

AN not shy of the camera anymore. as you will see for yourself (scroll at your own will – this blog bears no responsibility over highly traumatizing photos to come!!!), the camera has unleashed a side of AN that we have never seen before!!!

the rest of us, the participants! RC got fan lagi.

TK getting comfortable. RC test power. now would be a good time to avert your eyes… AN took my camera and started to prod TK ady…

see what i told you. SEE WHAT I TOLD YOU?! ini semua AN punya kerja yang kurang senonoh. tsk tsk tsk… i think the next show we host will be the one that goes on a nationwide search to find a boyfriend for her. can?

ambik gambar pun dapat funny angles. duh, if you’re going to be obscene, you should go ALL THE WAY! this is what i mean:

sharing is caring. that’s what friends are for! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…!!! check out TK’s curves, the direction of his eyes, and that blissful and inviting look on RC’s face.

where were we before the customary drama? oh, the idols challenge.

RC, i just only noticed that TK’s hand is actually at your shoulder. i thought he was having a grope at your chest. oh i don’t know, you guys are fresh from the friendly couch incident, you know… (refer to photo above)…

oh my god. RC looks like he just took a swipe at me! he’s also doing the tyra banks pose in his attempt to get noticed as the next top model.

fuyoo… RC can sing with his mouth closed one ar… so ashley simpson one hor… also, notice that he’s got his eyes closed in all the singing photos… so the divo… NOT!

sms voting is open now. finals will be held at the end of the season nanti. jangan tanya saya bila ini season mau end.

don’t be deceived by all the glasses on the table, not RC’s wannabe drunken face. everything’s quite kosher. the only thing anyone can get high on in this room is excess ribena or sour plum or thinly slided nata de coco.

and of course, raw enthusiasm. preciously PRICELESS, i tell you.

woit…! tapi cerita tak habis lagi.

you see, there was that drama about AN and TK tadi, remember. well, we all learnt that evening that YOU DON’T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN UNCLE. uncle demands respect and has powers to make you pay if you cross this wrath.

why do you think he is the along where it comes to our outings, hm…? all of a sudden, we all got hutang with uncle.

er, uncle… sorry ah… i pun belum bank in what i owe you yet la… hehehe… besok i will go bank okay… besok i will bank in okay… don’t marah me, uncle!

told you already. don’t mess with the uncle. uncle gangster.


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