charlie brown is the one person i identify with. he is such a loser. he wasn’t even the star of his own halloween special. – chris rock

i had a halloween themed gig last weekend – yes, sunburnt and all. personally for me, being sunburnt is not something i would run to a corner to bawl my eyes out about. i am actually very fine with a slight tan. it definitely beats the pontianak pale that comes with being incubated in the office for too long. so ya, a little brown is actually healthy. a little too overdone – oh my god, i have so been over broiled before!!! – and i turn a sparkling sheen of red, much like boiled prawns. and even then, i can still plaster a proud smile on. it is when the dermis starts weaving fresh skin underneath the burnt epidermis – i.e. when i start peeling – when i’m not exactly all too comfortable. i tend to get into a reptilic state of mind. not any less pleasant from my regular sun shiny self. just a little more… venomous.

anyway, it was a sweet toothed sunburnt girl’s dream come true to be surrounded by ice creams, colourful jellies, coffee (but of course!), and cotton candy! and not one of those you find choked with a sorry looking rubber band and stuck on a pole outside hypermarket news stands. i’m talking about watching a pirate outfitted macha pour a bag of sugar into that candy machine, watching that machine come to life like a beam of sunshine, whirl the sugar into fluffy clouds of floss that stick softly against the machine. i’m talking about captain here running a bamboo stick along th edges of this machine, and in one stupendous circular motion, curls the cloud into *tada!!!* a stick of cotton candy!

i ate so much cotton candy in two days, my generation has every conceivable right to be quite ashamed of me. and yet, i still crave the touch and taste of soft, fluffy, sticky sugar all over my fingers and my mouth. i hope E, one of my oldest friends who is a dentist, is not reading this.

i know it is not technically halloween yet, but the gig was an in-season kinda thing. i decided to dress my finger, courtesy of a promo thing happening at the same venue. one fingernail free. the girls at the booth exchanged glares as i presented my chewed up fingernails. one of the girls took to inspecting every one of my fingers to find one which was least damaged.

i met T at the gig. she’s from the states and has been teaching in malaysia for two years already. her contract baru je tamat and so she is looking to do a bit of community service work before she returns to the west. she’s already bought a ticket to borneo to stay with her friend before her flight home, so i spent some time telling her to go to the kawasan pedalaman and stay at the longhouses for a few days. dia kata that she’s got a whole bunch of books. the longhouse kids would be an excellent place to unload them :)

i think i need to do a bit of community service also. been having a coupla close shaves with bad juju these few days.


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