angels and mosters

i am still reeling in from a five-hour heroes season three: villains marathon last night. and i know CW said that upon the first episode, one would just get so confused over the utter randomness of this season, and he is right. but remember season one, when things never really come together until the second half of the season, eventually building up to an awesomely mind-blowing season finale?

ya. this season is kinda like that too.

so, piled high with excitement, i am telling you that it will not just be the first, but the first FEW episodes of season three that will seem like a mess of randomness. you get an underlying anticipation of a buildup however. expect new characters – loads of them. new alliances. new places and organisations. and you know that “wtf!!!” factor that signatures heroes? oh my god, you can expect a HUGE one by the third episode and another at the tail end of the fifth episode. OH MY GOD!!! i don’t know when heroes will make it to astro – end of this month, or next month, or something like that – but you have GOT TO STICK AROUND for that twist.

in the mean time, go and read the graphic novels. seriously. i just completed about a hundred chapters of them – tip: download the PDF. reading the online interactive gets irritating because you might want to go to previous pages sometimes – and i’m currently following the graphic novels side by side the tv episodes. the dimensions that suddenly opens up are amazing. only thing is, if you want to avoid spoilers, don’t start from chapter 100+. duh. someone is feeling greedy pulak. go and read from chapter one like a good lil lad now won’t cha?

ps. the pic is an easter egg from one of the graphic novel chapters :)


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