yeah, i’m pretty sure she can derail a train. she could turn a train into a talking duck if she wanted to. ~ eagle eye

you know those kinda sci-fi movies where a computer evolves in its own intelligence, develops a mind of its own, decides that it has the best and usually only solution to save the world, and then sets things into motion to ensure that the human race does not commit suicide?

ya. that kinda movie. very issac asimov. well, i had my first encounter with a real one yesterday. as cool as it sounds, it is so freaky. and yet, i think the computer’s super-intelligence is trying to tell me something. hm?

it messed with my graduation and convocation details. you see, i am currently at the very tail end of my postgraduate, rite – but i actually have one last task to complete. that ritual of getting my final results from my examiners. no big, but it is a tedious one, because of all the movement.

thing is, the computer threw the entire school into a fit because it fast forwarded my processes. weird, strange, unexplainable, but true. the computer not only recorded that i have attained all the results, it also stated that the results have been accepted by the school and i’m as good as done already. see, all these months when i have been asking the system when do i do that last task, it tells me that i don’t need to, to just sit back, relax, and wait for my final letter. the computer also insisted to the school that i am done with everything.

so imagine that chaos earlier in the week when my physical file has all the proper forms and results ‘missing!’

i was summoned to the faculty yesterday and the professors kidnapped me for interrogation one after another. finally, we opened the system, and all of the portals recorded that i was done.

of course, i had to ask if i actually needed to do the last part since the computer insisted that it was no longer necessary.


actually, i really wanted to do the last ritual thing. i spent years writing that damn 200 page book and to sign my forms without hearing about the fantastic stuff i discovered in it leans heavy on disrespectful in my books.

so they’re undoing the computer glitch. thus begins my final sprint to the end.


was the computer trying to tell us something? did we just upset a vital step that has been intentionally set in motion – for the survival of all humankind? me? that reluctant hero that does not know yet that she is the key to the future?


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