selamat hari raya aidilfitri

JS and i made roti jala for raya this year. fine, i will not indulge my buried pastry obsession here. not that roti jala completely counts as pastry in the first place. you get what i mean.

coming back from shopping for ingredients, i started with mom’s recipe. we doubled the doses for everything for a double batch.

JS is awesome. just sheer awesome. she had everything we needed in her kitchen – and she’s not bad at using them either!

first, we mixed the dry stuff together. flour. salt.

then, we blend in the wet things with the dry ones. eggs. milk. and just because my mom does it too, one drop of yellow yolk colouring.

blend everything until there are no more lumps in them.

the thing is, the very first batch of batter i made was way too thick and we we had to water ti down. this meant more mixing and blending.

my brother tells me that this is the part my more tweaks the recipe in her own special way. lots of mixing. lots of experimenting. the kind of tweaking that twenty years of roti jala making perfects.

so there we were. trying to making the batter watery enough so that it filters through the funnel in thin strings. but not too watery that it does not bake properly.

and eventually we did. funneling the batter onto JS’s brand new non stick flat pan, we made the roti jala one at a time, folded them, and JS ate them! tasted them. made sure that they’re good to go. made sure that the experimenting did not result in some strange gastronomical abnormalities :)

the result: roti jala. not as fluffy and stringy as mom’s ones. and i know an aunt or two who will give me the whole anak dara tak pernah masuk dapur lecture on raya day itself. but it did not turn out all that bad either. the strings are a little fat at some parts, but not shabby at all for a first try, dontcha think?

later that evening, my sister and i made cupcakes. she made the cupcakes. i did the decorations on top.

selamat hari raya aidilfitri! i know a lot of people are into that whole arabic mode of saying eid mubarak these days. i’m not saying that that is wrong. it’s just that i grew up with the world aidilfitri. the word connects me to my past. and i like that.


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