namakaranam: the rite of naming a baby

went to SS’s baby’s namakaranam a coupla weeks back. we got the invites a few days before the event itself but being the ultra responsible workaholics we are, we did not really get around to getting him a gift until about two hours before the ceremony. itu pun was done on a spree through parkson – not exactly looking for specific items – although AN did keep talking about diapers – but what matched our underpaid budgets.

TK posing with the hamper for dimension purposes.

pink – i kept telling TK. it’s a girl. it so did not help that the salesgirl kept repeating that girls can wear baby blue too, widening our options. woman, options ain’t what we need. it’s how huge it looks.

manushrie sai – so cantik kan the name? it actually corresponds with a long list of indian naming rules. go google it up and read i for yourself. it’s actually pretty interesting.

and there she is. so cute, kan? ada pout on the lips lagi. so the diva baby. i wonder if she takes that after mommy or daddy, hmmm…?

no points for guessing who made the baby cry!

the obligatory group photo with baby.

after you have one baby, the next natural question is when is its sibling coming?

of course,
SS had that answer, of course – it was already on the way! he’s the one carrying the child. probably a boy, but possibly twins.

he’s considering a c-section. natural birth sounds too painful.


TK’s birthday countdown later that night, laced deliciously with nostalgic gossip from the past, and excited plans for the future. in true uncle fashion at our friendly local mamak stall while watching MU get creamed, naturally – btw, with the birth of manushrie, he’s a grand-uncle now!


3 thoughts on “namakaranam: the rite of naming a baby

  1. hahah, uncle made the baby cry. And i thot uncles are good with babies?

    and who’s the next on the list? Oh, judging from the photo, that would be SIVA’s baby haha

  2. Hey Guys…I seriously didn’t know this page existed and am surfing it after a year of my daughter’s birth.Thanks to all the Akurians who came for the Namakaranam Ceremony and made it a success and for the gifts as well.. Thank ya all once again….

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