hit me baby one more time

akurians had a lot of frustration pent up over the past few months, so we went out looking for some vocal release of these tensions.

it started with a dare between JT and TK. not a dare to sing. but a dare to ffk. the rest of us were actually set to benefit either way. you see, whoever ffk would have to buy everyone dinner.

and so surprise surprise – at 11am in the morning, JT wakes me up to say that it is on with him, on with TK and on with everyone else too. we are not even falling into our traditionally comfortable culture of doing thigs at the very very very….. very last minute.

weirdly, we started with the malay nusantara style songs first. mostly contemporary indon bands, before moving to the english ones – with one exception of TK’s suci dalam debu slotted in the middle of nowehere about two ours later.

here’s the funny part. see AN? bored that we’re doing the oldies, 80s evergreens and 90s pop songs. well, here’s what really made her take off:

still don’t get it?

how about this one?

britney spear’s baby one more time. it’s so form four, kan? don’t blame me for the bubble gum moment. the three photos up there were taken by AN herself.

and that was nothing compared to when she discovered the japanese and korean songs selection:

we stayed at the outlet right until they booted us out at about 3am. R, waiting for you to get back for the next outing ya.


3 thoughts on “hit me baby one more time

  1. Uncle chose that lame song laaaa. I only took the pix cos of all songs uncle picked, he go picked that crap songggggg

  2. OMG!!! i can’t believe you guys chose a Britney Spears song of ALL songs!!! Why not a Paris Hilton hit to complete it off? haha ;p

    But dammmmmnnn, whatever song it is, i’m penting up in frustration over here coz i’m not in it!! I’ll be back for MY session people!!!

    Remember remember, the 8th of November!!

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