the moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. it is not that we seize them, but that they seize us. ~ ashley montagu

ladies, gentlemen, and newfound respect for pint sized little girls, i present to you, the cream of my surprise birthday obsession this year. me and event management. strange but true.

J tells me that he has two peeves. surprises and birthdays. obviously, i had to throw one on him. it was not even something to reconsider. it was natural. two months of planning later, and almost fifty accomplices later, it played out like a charm.

the hockey gang had first capture of J while we set up. on cue, they brought him to the ice and he was nicely surprised with the birthday song and the banner and the kids.

the kids had second capture of J where he was strapped on skates and brought to the middle of the ice for a sweet cake blowing celebration. aw…

then the fun began :)

the third capture by the rink guards. we all know what that means. the moment the kids saw the ropes come out, they immediately began to retaliate!

someone get the kids away, someone yells. it was like tug of war going on between the rink guards and the kids.

save me, kids! J screams.

the rink guards eventually gave up on the ropes and lifted J right up.

you know when they resurface the ice? ever wonder where the cold and dirty water goes?

ever wonder what they do to the water?

no. we’re not that cruel. duh.

i’ll let the rest of the photos speak for themselves.

it was a nicely unfolded event :)

what? did you just call me ‘evil’? who in their right and logical frame of mind would do something like that to someone special to them? duh, who would do that to any kind of friend at all?

me. and shucks, you’re too kind, you’re making me blush.

there was a great party with all sorts of food after that, courtesy of all the skater mommies out there. fried chicken. pasta. salads. donuts. cake. you don’t need a picture of fun times, lads. too much happiness via the internet is not good for you.

reality – now that’s the real deal.

sigh. i think i can retire now.


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