how does someone just start drooling? chase? were you wearing your short shorts? ~ dr. gregory house

someone in my office has just acquired one of those ridiculous singing baby ringtones and has set it as an sms alert. it is driving me flaming insane. it is barely an hour into the workday, and it has gone off six times already. and it is not like whoever this fluff brain is picks up the message the moment that blasted baby starts singing. oh no… barbie allows the baby to complete the jingle dulu – then only checks the message. oh, and here’s the cherry topping – if bubbles here does not check the message, the singing baby loops its song and starts over!


the akurians tried to organise a belated birthday something for me last weekend. it was a buka puasa thing, or supposed to be la. something like that. it began with a casual sms earlier in the day that read:

“hey wanna meet for lunch? we can talk about tonite buka puasa n l’kawi…”

it doesn’t take a doorknob to see that the word lunch and buka puasa – well, they kinda cancel each other out, R! lepas tu takpe lagi, i get to the pyramid, and every table in the complex is occupied. sighhh…

well, as you can see, we did eventually found somewhere to eat. lambat sikit la, but that’s what you get when you get someone who has been marinated by labuan to be the planner of things. he has so fascinated by the bruce lee doll at our table, he kept the sight of the puppet’s parted legs well within view. tak caya? you’ll need to go to his blog to check out details of this strange and sudden obsession.

AN, on the other hand, suddenly worried herself about drinking too much blue colouring. so to future coroners, nevermind the tar coloured lungs ok…! the blue stomach is the result of blueberry slush with dynamite blue colouring. like a whole friggin’ bottle of it. of course, labuan boy needs a picture to bring home as fond memories of civilisation that he’s leaving behind.

we’re trying to figure out where to go for our annual reunion. and yes, we are a very fussy lot. the date needs to match all our inconvenient schedules – this includes our work and sporadic lapses of sheer laziness. we want to go to a beach – it should not be dirty and it should not be stormy – ya, i know, good luck with that in december. it needs to be somewhere with good food – food needs to be of a very wide variety, well cooked, we like seafood, great in quantity, and cheap. oh, the cheap factor is very important too. we all earn way too little and spend way too much on things like personal PC upgrading :P.

i love you guys. to show you how much i love you, i’ve shamelessly copied what R and TK has done and created a blog category just for my darling akurians.

feel the love yet tak? okay la… nanti i bring apple juice from sarawak for the trip. can? :)


5 thoughts on “how does someone just start drooling? chase? were you wearing your short shorts? ~ dr. gregory house

  1. actually, sarawak has been growing apples for many years already. they are farmed near the bario highlands at a place called ba’kelalan.


  2. Apple, Orange, Banana or all in one, all i can say is: BRING THEM ON!!!! WOOHOOOOO!!!

    Oh, and we love you too maj. *cough* ;)

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