i teach you to lie, cheat, and steal, and as soon as my back’s turned you wait in line? ~ dr. gregory house

i suppose after all that i have done to so many people – you all know who you are, and yes, i am absolutely madly in love with you too! – it comes as no surprise that people are interested in what happened to me on my birthday. well my good sirs, i must say that i sure am sad (not!) to burst you bubble like this, but nothing happened.

so, that’s right. zilch. tiada apa-apa yang luar dari the ordinary. not that that is that unexpected (grammarians – eat your heart out!). i am almost disappointed… NOT! :)

fine. i got a weird message from TK. but i think, since AN received it too, the rest of you chums probably did too. which is weird.

if you must know, i spent a leisurely afternoon at home, not creamed. not wet. not attacked in five directions by flour bombs and string spray. later in the evening, i attended JS’s house warming session where, hello, hello? out parades a mooncake with a candle stuck on it. duh….. it is the night of the mid-autumn festival after all. and did that shock me to the point where i’d turn into an overheated cranberry lightbulb? puh-lease, hardly. i was the one who planted that idea in J’s head. i half expected him to pull out the paper lanterns idea along with it :P

i know what you’re thinking – dah sounding macam dah besar kepala, kan? macam dah kembang to the size of the frigging universe already, kan?

darlings, i know better.

i will be wearing a raincoat for gatherings with certain high school friends this weekend.

of course, where some pranks are concerned, not even a raincoat can save you. oh yes my pretties, countdown to what might possibly be the greatest covert i have ever pulled off has begun!


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