not everyone is the same definition of normal. ~ ‘wireless’ (part one)

i’m absolutely kicking myself for only JUST discovering the heroes graphic novels. i don’t care if you think that reading comics about people with superpowers is geek royalty. i am at chapter 16 now and it is so freaking awesome, you can go soak your head in kerosene and set it on fire for all i care.

i think the multi-elemental approach to heroes is completely brilliant. it is not just the tv series, you see. it is also the web experience. and the graphic novels. they all come together to enrich the fiction’s experience and realism. at the same time the story unravels on tv, we see another dimension to things in these other mediums. depth. you get to know the sub-characters better and who they are. eden and her father. hana gitelman. teddy sprague. what the two lines at the back of some of the heroes’ necks really mean…

fyi, the continuation of the second season will be coming out in roughly two weeks – if you know where to source for them. kalau yang takde tu, tunggu je la for about three more months or so.

this is me spreading the love. here’s a link to the heroes graphic novels. chapter yang terbaru is number two hundred something. personally, i recommend going all the way to the beginning. it is that wicked.


2 thoughts on “not everyone is the same definition of normal. ~ ‘wireless’ (part one)

  1. Great to know u went all Heroic on the materials..but i wonder, what happened on your b’day, hmmmmm? There seem to be no posts on that particular day…

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