you know me. hostility makes me shrink up like a… i can’t think of a non-sexual metaphor. -dr gregory house m.d.

you know all that jazz they say about ramadhan testing one’s patience and faith? well, hello bitch fiesta tuesday! i have absolutely been surrounded so much lame excuse for incompetence this morning, i am convinced that there is something sickeningly supernatural about it. it is actually an achievement that i have not shouted yet at anyone this morning but hey, there is still all afternoon to go and i might get to keep the reputation as the research bitch from the prettiest pits of hell after all.

i swear, i am just waiting for someone to leak out that the excuse for this fantastic slowness is because of puasa. please. someone, do it. i have a huge load of preacher bitch angst to release and i am SO on the lookout for a victim. just because you skip lunch, you are reduced to a useless… of yes, you know what i am talking about. suddenly, everything is in slow motion. letih la. penat la. it is as if two days of no lunch has turned that pebble that they have for a brain to powder. oh, tapi kalau nak bincang pasal what you all had for makan yesterday, what you are going to masak tonight, active pulak. animated pulak. itu pulak, you can start to explain from beginning to end and then got extra lagi about pasar ramadhans and where you partied till you were pissing drunk last weekend for merdeka.

hypocrites. the whole lot of you. now you want to start collecting brownie points? then move your ass and get to work. stupid. the whole idea is to go about life normally. skip lunch. skip the coffee breaks. life goes on as normal. ni bukan. sikit-sikit penat. lembik.

i simply cannot imagine how you people would be like in about two weeks’ time when ramadhan really gets difficult. i will however, definitely get the help to get the vacuum cleaner ready just in case you completely disintegrate.

it is written that ramadhan will have trials unique to everyone of us. god is cool like that. he customises things to what we need to work on most. to you idiots, it is actually living through this and not dying. to me, it is confining this sensational anger to this blog and not murder you. god knows that if i did, it would be very, very brutally, and we probably will need to bury the mop used to wipe you up with. this act would cause suspicion with our procurement department for janitorial equipment, and probably eat into my year end bonus.


i will be out of the office and on site for the next two days. i don’t know what work will be like when i get back. for all you know, i’ll come back to an office space filled with dust.


2 thoughts on “you know me. hostility makes me shrink up like a… i can’t think of a non-sexual metaphor. -dr gregory house m.d.

    it’s like telling the world that IT has to start spinning slower because we are just toooooo farking lembik right now..and let the OTHERS who are not puasa-ing pick up the slacks!!!!!

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