you have your way. i have my way. as for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist. – friedrich nietzsche

this is suppose to be just about the time i start being nostalgic about our country, yada yada yada. pft! as you can see, i don’t feel like screaming about merdeka this year – which is personally an awfully sad realisation. anyone who knows me knows how strongly i feel about the malaysian brotherhood.

pak lah is announcing the budget as i write this. the by-elections in permatang pauh has concluded and anwar has been sworn in. i’m sorry, but i have almost no opinion anymore about local politics and i don’t know if this is a bad or good thing. i wish more people were like me tho, and just sit back and shut up, eat caramel popcorns and let the drama play out in front of us.

but therein lies my stubbed merdeka spirit. the very idea that we cannot get along ideologically. everyone wants to insist that they are right and i am worried about the price we pay for peace. someone commented on this blog just a coupla weeks back, that if turmoil is the price we need to pay for change, then so be it. is this true? i am sorry, but i cannot see, how people destroying one another is necessary for peace. i cannot understand why people cannot sit down over teh tarik and talk things through the good ol’ fashion way. i wonder why people cannot compromise.

and i am not saying this as a pro-government or an opposition supporter. god knows that it has come to a point where i am neither. which fleetingly brings me to the disturbing thought that religion has been dragged into this. too much swearing going on. i am not the only one thinks that the drama has almost turned it into a mockery. but i don’t want to talk about this.

this merdeka, with whatever little spirit i have left, i pray simply for peace. i hope that people will stop fighting – either they understand that gentle talk is the better way, or they just get plain tired of it. and i am referring to fight at all levels – the parliament to the streets. it makes me so angry that some MPs opt to campaign for the past by-elections when they know that there was a paper on education policy being called at the parliament. i know that this is the past, but this is exactly what i am talking about. whoever it is la, enough of fight already. enough of power grabbing. please, yang berhormat, can you all now please sit down and fix our country? more importantly, can you fix our image, and our faith in you?

it came as a coincidence that i happen to get a somewhat patriotic assignment to do this weekend. and i really am not cynical about it. more sad, really. we celebrate. but what do we celebrate? the old tourism malaysia line about multi-culturalism? about races getting along? we all know that already.

welcome to the dawn of the new malaysia. aged 51. when ideologies collide.


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