water + chilli sauce + pepsi = a bloody clogged watergun, you geniuses!!!

“what is that?!”


“it’s a cat la…”

“oh my goddd…!”

“can we take the cat home?”

“it’s so cute!”

“it’s so dirty!!!”

“have you seen it?”

“have you seen it eat a cockroach?”

there were four of us hiding in the shadows with one accomplice on the inside. PB is just lucky EM could not make it for BT’s prank a few weeks ago. she would have screamed at him, and totally have given away the gig. instead of a floured friend, we might have had a brutal murder by a cat lover instead.

in what went down as the most pathetic ambush so far, BT for floured before going back to the land of oz. our team of a possible nine was reduced to five, with JT being the inside man, contributing almost nothing to the effort.

therefore you see, what was supposed to be a simple water fight had to be improvised. flour was brought in. and PB’s big idea about the pepsi combustion. if AN had it her way, BT would have been soya sauced too. then again, if i had it MY WAY, he would have been laundry detergent-ed, so maybe be are all crazy on the same channel after all :)

so there we were. crouched between PB’s and what turned out to be BT’s uncle’s car. loads of people passed by and we must have looked like weirdos holding plastic guns. thing is, BT and JT took so long to get ready and come out, we had time to take in plenty of nature – cats and mozzies – while waiting.

and BT did not even look shocked, or freaked out! he was surprise, obviously. duh! but nothing like JT’s whipped cream or RC’s water balloon reaction. in fact, it was as if everything happened in slow motion with time for him to recover in between.


coffee after. yada yada yada. i’m gonna lie low for the next few weeks for obvious reasons. but the covert at the end of the month should be verrrrrrrry interesting.


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