i just want to make people silky-smooth!

hands up, who else thinks that the giant cheese-like drums at beijing olympic’s closing ceremony was uber cool! honestly, it almost made the bells clad girls look way less disturbing. i can’t even stand coins jingling in my pockets. i tell you, if i had a zillion bells hooked all over me – not just the baju ye, kat kaki, kat tangan, and all over the kepala pun, wei – i would just go instantly retarded. and come to think of it, i after having gone through bell-induced retardation, i don’t think i’d even want to jump back into normality (if there is such a reality to begin with – yes, i have my doubts). well duh, people would do that pointy finger thing at me and say, hey look, that’s that crazy retard bell girl. i’d never get over that. society’s wicked like that. now that’s a reality i know pretty well of.

bell girl. pfttt!

oh, and here’s how to watch you don’t mess with the zohan: get the DVD. no, wait, don’t go running off yet (well duh, i’ve not finished writing and you have SO not finished reading yet!). get the DVD. then get all your friends together. this is the kind of movie you want to watch at home, beramai-ramai, with lots of throw pillows everywhere, and plenty of food. kenapa? because akan ada banyak parts that you will want to pause and rewind over and over again, and throw comments about, laugh, and call each other faygelah. perkataaan ini is phonetically baku – /fei/ /ge/ /lah/. the word’s got an interesting mid-tongue plosive and fun rolling action towards the last syllable.

the movie ain’t gonna win any awards or anything. but you’ll be quoting it, post-viewing. nak kata ada tak parts that are kinda disgusting, memang ada la. is this over melebih? it is totally melebih-lebih. but this is when you revert to immature teenager mode and go, omg! ew! *giggles!*.

and mariah carey ada sense of humour rupanya! a few weeks back, i saw her appear on ellen degeneres punya talk show and memang funny la, tapi she’s funny in the movie too. okay la, she didn’t really have much to say / do la tapi whatever bits she had, she pulled them off well la.

these few days have seen all kinds of work piling up. which is a bad and good thing. bad, because now i have new things to complaint about. and good, because my complaint scope is more diverse now, you will probably hear less about the normal things i am cynical about. variety. everyone loves variety.

i say? bah humbug!


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