earth is amazing! these are called “farms”. humans who put seeds in the ground pour water on them, and they grow food – like, pizza!

wall-e is obscenely adorable. finally, something original on the screens! sorry EM, but i am going to say that wall-e boots out kungfu panda as THE favourite animated film this year. JQ is right. after awhile, kungfu panda does remind me of an over exhausted 60s hong kong drama.

there is something instantly lovable about wall-e, and at the top of the list is the very face that it is something fresh. it is not a wow kinda movie – frankly, i think that everyone in the movie industry is too obsessed with the wow-factor, making the whole attempt just downright lame. instead, it is the kind of movie that will plaster a smile on your face – the kind you really, really can’t help – and gently squeeze out that giggle in between.

innocent curiosity. impulsively romantic. independence and loneliness. and puppy dog eye goggles that will melt all over your heart. i *heart* every single one of the robots – wall-e, eve and especially that ultra cute cleaning robot, m-o.

move aside asimov! :)

you absolutely have to go watch wall-e. rotten tomatoes’ top critics gave this film a 100% fresh tomato review, so yea, even ye of little faith gotta agree with those loonies.


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