i wish that life was like it is in the movies because the hero always get his way. no matter how hard it gets on that dark lonely road, at the end he’s got a smile on his face. ~ bon jovi

it happened. i thought i was cured of it. i thought it was over and done with me, and have gone to haunt the living daylights of some other climber. but no. it came back. to me. after so long.

last night, i had the elvis leg. again.

the elvis leg refers to an automatic reaction whereby one of your legs just starts moving uncontrollably. like shaking, twisting, you know. like elvis. just that it happens when your leg needs to balance on something, often, to avoid falling. happens to lots of athletes. weight lifters. extreme bikers. rock climbers :P

aku tak faham. i was not even on the high walls. i was on the third panel of a boulder wall. yes, it was an overhang, but i got two hands sharing of a damn cun punya jug – kenapa ini boleh terjadi? my right leg just twitches all on its own, lepas tu mengeletar. the leg was on a small, but okay punya foothold, but it was vibrating on its own right on it. eh?

on my next route, the same thing happens. this time, aku belum lepas pun the second panel when it starts getting funky. takut ke? i asked the shivering limb. we have done this before. many, many times before. we have even done things harder than this. i tried to be encouraging. come on, we can do this.

yah. masa competition this weekend nanti, if you come across the girl talking to parts of herself, that would be me.

i got three… no, four events on my tray to plan. all coverts, but so strangely different from one another. one of the coverts are filled with accomplices which are so excited about the gag, i am half worried that one of them is going to spew it out to the victim prematurely and burst the bubble for all of us. if he does, i will personally make sure he loses nerve endings for it.

i have been getting all nostalgic about myanmar this past week or so. earlier in the week i sent in a photoessay to one of my editors – some of my favourite photos of the country are in there and i am immensely excited about them going to print. and just this morning, i received an email from one of the american backpackers i met masa kat kyaitoyo dulu, and a link to her photos.

in case some of you have not revisited these post from my myanmar trip earlier in the year, i have quietly updated them with notes and photos quite awhile back.

i just received a new assignment to write on myanmar. a more critical piece, i was requested. foreign regional publication, so ada space to be a bit more liberal with my words. i know the debaters reading this are giving me the eyebrow. don’t tempt me now, girlfriends! i have been there, and at the risk of sounding cheesy, there is really more than meets the eye.

but yea, i am actually keen on friendly debates on myanmar this next few days, just to jog my own perspective on things. so if anyone want a little international-political sparring, do drop me an email or give me a call. it’ll will be great to meet up. i’ll bring photos. really :)


2 thoughts on “i wish that life was like it is in the movies because the hero always get his way. no matter how hard it gets on that dark lonely road, at the end he’s got a smile on his face. ~ bon jovi

  1. you sure u ok there maj? word from the grapevine is that such symptoms only have one cure. amputation. o.O . may Elvis’ rockarollin’ soul be kind to u…

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