if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you. ~ friedrich nietzsche

ergonomics. ergonomics is a delicate balance, of which i think i am cursed to forever be confused by. a chair which does not align my eye level with the trigonometry of the computer table, for example, gives me a most irritating pain in the nerves at the back of my neck. on the other hand, a chair which accentuates the comforts of proper back support with the delicate science of height control in adjacent to said computer table, is in actuality the equivalent to a multiple entry pass to the wonderful, wonderful snooze town.

such is the cruel irony of realilty. you can never get too comfortable. and people who do likely end up wasting time.

oh where, oh where is this sudden spew of gibberish cynicism coming from, my dear friends might ask?

global warming, for one thing. making me breathe far too much carbon than the endorphins in my systems can handle. people being cruel to animals, for another. wait, people being cruel to the wrong animals, would be the more correct way of putting it. the only necessary exception would be barney. the stupid purple dinosaur. i think that we should be kind to all animals except barney. i think we should brutally, obscenely and publicly excruciate barney.

stupid barney.

but hey, if we’re going to get personal, let’s just blame it on the cough.

my throat feels like sandpaper. swallowing saliva is like rolling a bowling ball down my throat. and my neck. ugh. my neck is in knots, man. no metaphors over here, man, it’s just twisted. funky twisted. elvis would have raised an eyebrow. word.

so. i conclude my afternoon lament here. i hope your day has been more exciting. i am not particularly interested in hearing about it, tho. nor about how uninteresting it is in comparison to mine. let’s just say that i’m anal.



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