where observation is concerned, chance favours only the prepared mind. ~ louis pasteur

the thing about having someone in my family who is a psychologist, is that i grew up with the mantra, “it is all in the mind,” practically hammered into me, my brother and my sister. me, mostly. for i was that child who had far too big an imagination for normal family members to contain. no siree, someone had to get scientific help to leash me to the ground, and so you can understand the constant itch to run away from home now and again.

my fancy mental flight is not what i set out to write about in this post.

i am worried about the climb competition i signed up for this sunday. one aspect is of course, the physical part – that i really could be much fitter than i am. my climbing skills, for another, has only just very recently been pulled out of a dusty box from under my bed, and i’m still picking through them all over again.

this is where the whole mental talk comes in.

because according to the whole psychology thing, i am not supposed to be ‘worried.’ ‘worried’ is a negative expression. i should be ‘excited.’ ‘excited’ is a positive expression. you see, everything that transpires in the mind is translated by the body. EVERYTHING. every shred of hope, likewise, every shred of doubt. only when my mind is prepared, is my body prepared.

and then there are all the stories about physical miracles ignited by the mind.

i am not unfit. i am just not a fit as i would have liked to be. i am willing. but i am rusty.

but that is where the mind comes in, she tells me over a wonderfully greasy and unhealthy banana leaf lunch with fried fish. you have done the moves before and therefore all you got to do is remind your body on how it is done.

attitude, she tells me. confidence is attitude. the right confidence, she cautions. the right attitude. but attitude, above all in the first place.


how did that dramatic saying go again…?

like the blinding flame of a fiery phoenix raising from the ashes…

eh, bukan…

eh, betul!!!


i asked A last week if the routes for the top rope is going to be susah this year. he dropped his shoulders, but there is a prevailing grin smeared on his face which is an obvious indication of things to come.

i spent the weekend wired to mental exercises. whatever the mind can conceive and believe, you will achieve. hell. all that jazz about miracles.

and don’t look down:)


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