one good thing about music, when it hits- you feel no pain. ~ bob marley

one of those things that you got to do before you die, is play deejay at a party. and i don’t mean changing CDs at some cousin punya birthday party yo. i mean spinning. BIG speakers. and all the little knobs and dials and buttons that do everything from speed the music up, to balancing the berbelas-belas speakers that you got in the room.

ya. i mean spinnin’ yo.

last saturday, i tried a hand at being a deejay. J was MC-ing some event and he needed someone to control the music. i had a bag of about a hundred CDs poured out in front of me. was at the venue early and we went thought the event program with the organisers. when to bring down the volume. when to switch music. when to bring things up. which CDs to play with which games.

i thought it was going to be a relaxed afternoon main music. as it turns out, there is a disasterously easy tendency to phaze out at work, and run the music into the wrong program. no, it did not happen to me – the run into the wrong program part. i did phaze out kejap when the refreshments were served and i played some acoustic instrumental thing so that people can talk. i know, i totally snapped out quite horrifically.

the next few hours were not so bad, because there were songs to change up. towards the end was particularly kucar-kacir sikit because there was a quick change up for a surprise finale. one of the CDs were wrongly labeled and the moment i heard the wrong song play, i had to cue something else to cover. while that one was playing, i had to find something else of the same beat as a filler.

throughout the party, the deejay kena keep the atmosphere going, even if it fades into the background. i discovered that that ‘fade into the background’ factor make a huge difference when you consider the otherwise silence, which then becomes deafening. yang paling important sekali, it is not about what i wanted to hear. gosh, IF ONLY it is about what i wanted to hear. it is about what people want to hear, even if it is some mainstream bubblegum pop or some trashy emo R&B number.

i met a kid – when i say ‘kid,’ i mean he’s in his early 20s and charged with hormones – who said that being a deejay is cool because they’re glamourous and get all the chicks. i cannot say that the experience was not loads of fun, but you can and do get pretty frazzled and the trick is to maintain concentration throughout. big time events is not something you can simply screw up or bail out on, especially when it’s already rolling. glam comes with hard work.

and kid, chicks dig men with brains, you know. like all other professions, deejays have a life outside spinning too. and if that life outside spinning is as a lame-ass loser, you’re not getting any either.


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