anak itik tok wi

two things. our forefathers – or rather, foremothers (took the word from lin’s blog) – have always been known for all sorts of traditional remedies. often, they are made from herbs grown right in the garden. and secondly, these remedies have been passed down through our traditional folk songs.

this is one of the shorter folk songs in our culture:

anak itik tok wi mandi dalam kolam
sakit apa tok wi – sakit sendi tulang
ubat apa tok wi – ubat limau lelah
sakit apa tok wi – sakit sendi tulang

so much about health is captured though in just one very short stanza. tok wi’s little duck goes for a swim in the pond. the very first lesson – if you swim in cold water, you could get cramps. the chill of cold water can bite right into your limbs (sendi) and bones (tulang). this causes cramps.

but aching bones can also be caused simply by old age. the remedy proposed to us in this song is the lime. we have to remember that this song was sung by village children long before the advent of modern medicine. long ago however, we were already using lime to relieve cramps, aching bones and asthma (lelah).

a quick browse over the net will give you thousands of laboratory researched listings telling you how therapeutic limes are, and how they directly affect the human immune system. limes are found to act as an antiseptic, antiviral, astringent, aperitif, bactericidal, disinfectant, febrifuge, haemostatic, restorative and tonic. limes can be used to relieve hayfever, arthritis, rheumatism, as an astringent to clear oily skin and for insect bites. modern studies of massage oils tells us that lime blends particularly well with lavender and ylang-ylang, in relieving muscle aches and total body and mind relaxation.

remember this one: if you got a sore throat, squeeze two limes in hot water and dissolve a spoonful of honey. ada jugak version yang tambah a spoonful of garam sekali. recommended dosage: three times a day.

the song is so detailed, it even specifies which type of limau to use. we got plenty of kinds of limau in asia. limau kasturi. limau nipis. limau bali (!). the lime used for cramp and body ache will be the same kind used for asthma treatment. citrus aurantifolia.

not bad for a kampung children’s nursery rhyme, kan?


2 thoughts on “anak itik tok wi

  1. Another remedy by my grandma for soretroat. Fry a plate of fried rice, and consume it right after it’s up from the wok, fresh and hot.

    She claims that it works all the time, but I prefer to use your lime way. Lol!

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