maybe humans are just the pet alligators that god flushed down the toilet. ~ chuck palahniuk

sunway pyramid’s asian avenue toilets are cool. it’s on the new wing. the new wing, as mutated as it is – omg, it really is – has all these different themed sections. all these sections pulak got it’s own customised toilets.

don’t expect a review of the different toilet designs here. i have better things to do with this space and my time than to tell you about mirrors and taps, amongst other things. my only hope is that the toilets remain these nice after all the hype of mutant shopping malls die out. too many organisations AND people, have this thing of only paying attention to things then they are hip and hot. bila dah yesterday, things pun get neglected.

speaking of toilets, i recently turned down a request for a toilets article. a review of toilets around south east asia. i mean honestly, i don’t know which is more disturbing – a magazine that thinks that people are actually interested in reading about exotic toilets, or an editor who thinks that writing about toilets is my thing.

don’t answer that. i know i am versatile (i SO don’t get enough credit for this), but i draw the line at toilets. and wedding photography. but that’s just because i am too damn cynical like that.

i have decided that i will compete in the climbing competition this year. sorry PT, if you are reading this, i will be at the gym this evening filling in a form. i know i dah lama dah tak climb and i now have a notable collection of excess body weight, but it seems too much like the 2008 thing to do.

memo to self: compile list of crazy things done in 2008. omg, i think i actually have a list of things this year!

i will join top rope. kalau tak clash, and if i masih belum mampus lagi after my climbs, i will photograph your bouldering for you. ok? jangan la marah. petang ni i beli chalk block from you. can? er, cheap cheap ya, can? nanti your new place nanti i buat cantik punya shoot for you, ok?

as some of you have noticed, i have picked my camera back up. not gila sakan macam dulu, but boleh la. sekarang sedang berjinak-jinak with the idea of camwhoring disebabkan i realise that i have too many kawan-kawan yang syok sendiri.

personally, i still think that i want to be the one behind the lens. more than anything else, this is because aku tak suka the angles that people take of me. that, and too many people have a flash fetish, and hands that are too shaky to take pictures on slow sync, or tak pakai flash. sikit-sikit nak flash. membazir battery je, because lepas tu kena edit on the computer.

oil price turun. not enough to realistically turunkan harga minyak petrol negara because compared to this time last year, we’re still experiencing a very bad global oil market. tapi compared to the shock – and i do mean SHOCK, we analysts were feverishly horny in heat – in the beginning of the month, this is a slight relief. we’re not optimistic tho. at least, i am not. my advice is still to be prudent, pull on the strap to tighten your seat belts, and make sure that you have your lifejackets under your seat. in the even of low cabin pressure, oxygen masks will be released from overhead. put the mask over your nose and mouth and breathe normally.

important: you must put the mask on yourself first, before assisting others under your care.


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