the 24-hour surprise birthday party

my latest covert involved orchestrating yet another birthday party, this time for one of J’s friends.

fortunately, the accomplices were not as ambitious as the akurians, and since it was for a girl, it was more of a simple surprise with an emphasis on the cringe factor. also, i was informed that if we dared use water or anything gross on her, she’ll kill everyone involved in the gag, including the very innocent and completely docile party planner.

while the surprise dinner was easy enough to plan, the present took slightly longer to, well, make. we decided to compile a sentimental scrapbook for her – which i think is an incredibly sweet idea.

the operation really began on friday evening, and led up to the surprise finale on saturday night. the group orchestrated a photoshoot disguised as a camwhore session. it was done on the ice rink after dark. frozen asses and all. improvision, of course, is a flexibility required of any covert, and i was very lucky that our victim was very co-operative despite not having a clue of the ulterior motive.

in the next twelve hours or so, the photos were developed, an album was custom made, funny messages were written and up to the very last minutes, we were still sticking everything together. candles. plenty of cake. plenty of pasta.

the cringe factor which i was going for worked like a charm.

i am considering a career as a professional surprise party planner.


2 thoughts on “the 24-hour surprise birthday party

  1. professional surprise party planner? i think u will starve hahaaha..if the freezing asses at the ice rink are any indication hahaha ;)

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