rainforest world mud festival

this year, as it turned out, it was about everything but the music. sorry. i have nothing fantastic to say about the selection of bands. there were a few memorable acts, particularly a polish and an african band which were outstanding. the others were, well, i shall call them acquired.

we all know about the storm on the first night already. i found myself stranded under a white canopy with an elderly local couple. auntie told me that they have been coming for the festival every year since it started eleven years ago. she tells me that the selection of bands has evolved over the years. when it started so many years ago, it is about real world music – native sounds from all over the globe, no matter how weird they are. now it is all about the party atmosphere.

i have only been here three years running. but i have to agree with auntie. i am this close to even calling some of the band sell outs for overdoing the fusion element in their music. aku ni bukan la pakar world music, tapi memang obvious la that some of the bands sengaja modify their lagu so that it is more ‘contemporary.’

mak aku ajar aku masa kecik-kecik dulu, if i got nothing nice to say, i should not say anything at all. so like i said, it was not primarily about the music for me this year. instead, it is about going with the flow of things and all the people along the way. no plans. no strings. whatever sounded remotely interesting enough was fine and well by me.

i found old friends. and i mean friends whom i have not met in years and years. i found friends i used to work with asking me where my bazooka cameras are. i found neighbourhood friends asking each other – eh, you also come here for the festival ah? i got introduced to new friends and became friends of friends. and i found instant friends – people that happen to be standing next to me at the festival site or at the longhouses.

we got hold of some home brewed juices for the first day.

apple and sugarcane juice for the road

would you like some apple juice?

apple juice makes people happy

on the second day, i went to kacau kawan-kawan yang bertugas during the event this year.

showing off expensive camera strap

you can’t see it, but R is actually wearing a maternity dress

Z and his sporty specs. i call it his his emo glasses

and on the last day, it is all that jazz about a would of strangers who can become friends *snaps fingers ala tyra banks* just like that.

in the shuttle van to the festival site

people i sat with in the iban loonghouse during the rain

people round me during the finale of the festival

people who jump in front of my camera at a burger stall and people yang sengaja nak tumpang bergambar dengan british band. you see, this is why i am usually the one behind the camera. memang ada orang in this world yang memang takde talent to handle a slow sync flash.

i will upload these and more compromising photos up on facebook malam nanti. overall, i had fun. tak kisah la whether the fun came from the event ke, the music ke, the people ke. it was a nice holiday. right about now, i am nursing a fleet of sandfly bites akibat berkaki ayam in the mud during the festival.


4 thoughts on “rainforest world mud festival

  1. Hi,,,,,missed meeting you again-lah. I was high on tuak as always with my Sarawakian friends that insisted,,,what to do yaa,,,,,am finally finishing my tour of duty with the Oil & Gas Industry and will be back on Kapas Island as the Pirate King again from Oct’08 onwards-lah. Ho Ho Hoo,,,,,, lifestyle for me old me.
    Do drop in during the monsoon if you want an adventure on the island, surviving on sotong & craps cas. the weather and sea might just keep you on the island for a bit longer than plan.
    But life is great,,,,,everyday is a good day-lah,,,,pls keep writing Magic,,you are good.
    Bye ta ta,,,,,!!!!!

    Pirate King Kapas Island.

  2. Magic Dear,

    You are most welcome to be the Pirate Queen of Kapas Island during the Monsoon season since am building a few more chalets while the wet season melanda the east coast. Kita boleh jengok jengok monsoon cup too masa itu near pulau duyong and makang keropok lekor puas puas.
    My e-mail ; – hidden my moderator –
    Tel – hidden by moderator (capt, i will sms you soon ya!) –
    Life on the island during monsoon is very different tau, wet days everyday !,,,,fishing near jetty boleh cater for lunch,dinner & b/fast,,,,makang ikang tiap tiap hari, no kidding. We need someone that is rugged and tahan lasah,,,you qualify-lah. Boleh mandi dalam hujan type.
    My tuak on the island would be ready too by then hi hi hiiiiii,,,oooooooh…..sakit perut nanti.



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