shorty had them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur. the whole club was looking at her. she hit the floor. next thing you know, shorty got low low low low low low… ~ flo rida & t-pain

this morning we had a meeting where we were told that in order to save energy and costs, utilities in the office complex will go off at exactly 6pm. in that light, we are expected to clear out of the office half an hour before 6pm because this office gets crazy creepy with all the lights off.

my dad, who gets along with just about anyone, tells me that the security guards have told him stories of spooks that go on in this complex after dark. i have to admit that this is a really really old building, and banyak jugak la corner – corner yang tends to get creepy even in the daytime kat sini. and my old man is not one to pull a fast one on me on these kinda things.

kesimpulannya – the office is telling us to grind everything into our office hours, leave on time, go home, have a life.

do you see me complaining?

now i know what the cynics mean when they say that the raising oil prices and the glaring need to be environmentally conscious can make us live better lives. before your hurl a verbal abuse to me about petrol prices, the government and quality of life to me, look at yourself first okay!

i am especially disgusted by how much food is wasted by malaysians and our energy consumption habits. and you know what, i still see it. walk through any cafe and i bet you will see not one, but several plates of half eaten food. for whatever reason la. dah kenyang la. ambik banyak sangat la. tak sedap la. tak best la. until i see that the general public at large picking every grain of rice off their plates – then i will say that we have come to hard times. as long as we are still wasting food, still leaving the taps on when we brush our teeth, still leaving the fan on when we leave a room, still indulging in luxuries such as smoking and partying, we have not come to hard times. now is the time for us to manage our resources prudently.

and there is nothing wrong with being prudent. this is everything our moral books teach the kids in school and walking the talk is something way overdue that we owe the kids. i am sick of seeing the bad habits of grown ups that take place right in front of the kids. littering. littering is the most blatant thing adults do that goes against everything they teach the kids in school. and don’t give me that rubbish that it does not happen. it happens everywhere every single day.

i overhear people in my office saying how they’re now cutting their coffee break times so they could finish their work to go home on time. in my opinion, the initiative is working already.


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