just because i’m losing, doesn’t mean i’m lost. ~ coldplay

i love bright bright bright sun shiny days and roaring, thunderous storms and nothing in between. if the sun is going to shine, let it then be hot and blue. it it is going to rain, let it pour by a scale worthy of the kingdom of heaven. clouds are there for a reason. in my opinion, hovering clouds are plainly lazy.

today’s photoshoot was more of a lambada number with my tripod as a dance partner. they always call me for the difficult ones, don’t they? when things are nice and perfect and easy and guaranteed that even with a wind up point and shoot, the photo will be cantik, they want to do it themselves. when it comes to reflective surfaces and a lighting set which comprise of a single, stationary florescent bulb – and nothing else – i get the honours. macam mana aku tak turn into a cynical bitch?

without revealing too much about the ad i shot for – which is by the way going to be gorgeous darling, naturally, despite everything – i want you to imagine me in my improvised wannabe studio. my tripod faced downwards. that’s right, downwards because there was no table, so i placed everything on the floor and hovered the tripod over it. imagine me, setting the camera on TIMER, and the me – ME! – holding up giant reflector sheets to subdue the bulb’s glow.

why? you ask? because i am a superhero. i am not all too sure what that means anymore because all the movies made about superheroes nowadays have a clearly defined super villain to put all the blame on.

except maybe hancock. which i am personally not impressed enough to write another cynical review about. shame on you, fresh prince. i was a fan of MIB (the MIB2 was rubbish, btw) and i-robot. but you lost me on this one. boo!

i got two more days here before i go all tribal in east malaysia, so everyone wants a piece of me at the moment. on the bright side, after exhausting every musical instrument shop in the entire klang valley – not to mention spending a bomb at all the blasted shopping malls’ parkings – and melting two sheets of PVC canvases in rage (don’t ask unless you’re willing to buy me a stiff one for details), i FINALLY found a case for my sape. dad came up with the idea. it’s pretty genius.

i’m hoping it will rain again tonight. hope with me?


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