i get by with a little help from my friends. ~ john lennon

aside from their partners, i have known these people for at LEAST twelve years. most of them, way longer than that. after high school, we drifted our different ways. some to different continents. some to different dimensions. some to different planets. some to just different ideals.

twelve years since we were forced to bear each other’s faces on a daily basis in form four. eleven years since we left high school altogether. ELEVEN YEARS later, dammit, and what are we doing? celebrating raymond’s birthday with ice cold water and a hundred ‘high-quality’ water balloons.

that, however, will need to wait for another post. sorry la, kawan-kawan! saya punya computer kat office tak boleh main youtube la, and i can only upload at home.

sigh. none of us will ever look at slinkies the same way again.

so i begin with the nice video first. as you can see, we took a group photo. in actuality, this photo took quite a number of attempts. so many, that i almost discreetly took a video of everyone fussing over props konon. random items from ray’s house. ray, did you just happen to have the lotion lying around or did someone (or some-two!) momentarily wondered into your room when everyone else was eating pizza?

don’t you just love technology?

three cameras, all on automatic timers. you GOTTA love technology. dah la semua timer has different countdown. masing-masing punya flash pun lain punya power. here, you got the leica version of the photo. you’ll need to find ray’s blog for the sony cybershot version and uncle’s blog for the… eh uncle, you beli camera olympus ke, nikon ah? olympus, kan, if i’m not mistaken? they’re the only one using the XD memory card.

ray, i hope you’re having fun there in labuan. i’ll be posting the pre-ambush video in the next post. oh, you did not know there was a pre-ambush video? well, there are two! wait for it.


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