happy birthday, theva!

over a week’s worth of planning ALMOST went went flushing down the toilet when theva got up suddenly and saw ah nei in his garden. oh wait, that just sounds so wrong, kan? ;P

plan was supposed to be an old school kind of surprise party. theva comes home and we get him creamed in his office wear. but did it work out? nooo… that lazy fat one had to want to come home. and since sue was overseas, it was up to his brother to hold him back.

laziness however, has its own persistance and theva eventually ended up at home, sprawled on his couch, while we revert to plan B and ambush him at his own home.

see theva, if you’d only play along from the very beginning, we would not have messed up your house. okay fine, we still would, but it would not have been so bad. i think. hm.

it was supposed to be a surprise party. foiled at the last minute. did that stop us from overing him with whipped cream pies? hell no! as uncle preached, while we prepare to ambush the poor sod, this is revenge. ada video, tapi itu aku upload petang nanti ye.

it is heartwarming that after over ten years, we’re all still good friends. emma brought old photos and opened the floodgates of nostalgia moments. okay, enough with the mushiness, there are a handful of us who will now need to get overseas flight tickets when september comes along for safety reason or we’ll never live to see 28.


One thought on “happy birthday, theva!

  1. Man, all i can say is, I wish I was there!!!

    and also, where was MY surprise birthday party when I was still in KL, hmmmmm…?

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