nyangshwe to kalaw on a pick up

chris and i bargained so hard in hitch hiking a pick up, we tak berani mangaku from where we’re from. instead, he told them he was dutch and aku pulak… i told them i was singaporean la, apa lagi? ;)

lama jugak we waited at the shwenyaung junction tu. one after another pick-ups would come but we all jual mahal. they wanted 10,000 kyats per head. our price was 3,000 kyats for dua-dua sekali. see what i mean by driving a hard bargain? we walked away from so many, there was sederet pick-ups over the other side of the street waiting for us to change our minds. chris la, yang did the bargaining most of the time because dia kata he’s the white dude so bargaining chip dia kuat sikit. aku kan asian. and a girl. he he. biar la, i was quite happy as i was.

finally, ada jugak that took up on. an overflowing pick up, filled with bermacam-macam jenis vegetables and other household appliances. i even saw a small clay oven burner on the pick up. oh kay la. asal dapat the ride. just a few minutes before, chris and i were thinking about going back to tutu’s place kalau tak dapat a ride at our preferred price.

kalaw sejuk wei :P

sadly, kalaw is where my journey with chris ends. i will continue on my way towards the east to bagan tomorrow. chris goes to meiktila, and southwards from there.


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