if you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, is possible. ~ mr. spock, vulcan

this must have been one of those few new year celebrations that i have had in a long time, spent welcomingly with great friends. we’ve known each other for what – ten, eleven, twelve… i’ve known some of you since we were in primary school that makes it more years that i could spell back then.

if you want more stories about me growing up as a geek, you’ll need to buy my biography when it comes out in a coupla years (it’s gonna be scandalous! big and scandalous!), or sit around with my grandkids when i get me some of those in even more years. yea, they’re going to be fabulously scandalous too. you’ll love them.

anyway, two months of planning, six plates of mee rebus in teluk intan and five bowls of cendol in lumut later, we arrived at pangkor island.

i must admit to have been the skeptic among the party planners because i had the image of a million people baking their bodies on the beach. surprisingly, there were not too many people and the most of the people there were hot enough. ask the guys who gawked at every other bikini babe in the beach, heh!

guys, fes up! i know you did. i have photo evidence. ha ha! emma, babe, you have no idea how much you’ve missed out. especially uncle’s new year dance. and you know what? i think if you were around we could have waken theva up and dragged his sorry ass to come on the boat with us. he slept in that morning, man! he’s calling it being tired. i’m calling it a hangover. he’s still in denial.

this is the life. a decent enough hotel. amazing food. kejap, it was an overwhelming LOT of amazing food. we took this package thing and we’re suspiciously sure that the rooms are free with the meal.

you’ll need to go over to raymond’s or uncle’s blog to see just how much food there was. from the moment we arrived at the place, they started feeding us. forget about the rice – they kept telling us – just go for the lauk.

and of course, there’s the fresh fruit dessert.

that god i finished my banana before i was captured by some sneaky photographer who had indecent images of the fruit in mind. tsk tsk tsk. i have more obscene photos. but photobucket ain’t gonna be too happy about hosting them. heh!

food. drinks. island hopping on a damn fast speed boat (love it!). snorkelling. swimming. basking in the sun. making obscene sculptures in the sand. climbing trees. new year countdown. fireworks.

we spent the weekend reflecting about those amazing years back in high school. oh my god, all those swear words we used to throw about when we were in high school!!! -which, of course, we tactically choose to abuse in the three days together, of course! the crazy people around us at the time. friends. students. teachers. parents. everything from the pranks we played in class to the music we used to listen to.

feels amazing to get back to my element: the sand, the sea, the sun! how can anyone not be truly madly and deeply in love with this combination?

it was two days and three nights of beach in the daytime and toxic induced laughter late into the night.

memories are important. but maybe what’s more important is making new ones and sharing new experiences. and so here we are. after a depressive spell of two months, i picked up my camera again. don’t ask why i put it away in the first place. i realise that it is more merajuk induced than anything else.

i had a brilliant new year celebration. and proudly so. wish you were here, man.


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