the story of emma’s wedding and this is posted late and it’s all raymond’s fault

… and i’m not even attempting to buffer this outright accusations either. you’re a gem, ray. and you know we love you.

so my dear lads, what do we do when the most temperamental classmate ever… and among the freaks (which i must assure whom i dearly adore) i went to high school with, the most proudly, shamelessly, outrageously (yes, yes, you’re welcome!) temperamental one… gets married?

answer: we hop on the ride, hoping to see fireworks, of course!

ray sayang, i can’t even remember off the top of my head when we took this picture. last month? no, it was before raya. eh, it was even before puasa which was like the month before. entah la, like two months ago la, emma got married, which we attended to see for ourselves that this is happening for real.

and two weeks ago, emma and rick had their ‘friends party’ – which turned into a small but delightful reunion among some long lost classmates. it was, quite honestly, interesting. PR people – huh, typical PR people – it was a theme party. black for the boys. white for the girls. and everyone wears a hat.

i know. emma’s subdued! is something came along the lines of handcuffs and whips and kitty ears, i would have just rolled my eyes and say that it’s just typically emma. but black, white and hats?

i’m just saying. emma and rick looked gorgeous together and babe, i am awesomely happy that you’re still laughing the way you did ten years ago. really, i truly am.

as for the rest of my classmate freaks (oh yea, speak for yourself, geek freak… i know, i know and like i said, i love you all to bits)? it’s a decade’s reunion and looks like all the little kiddies have grown up now, kan? but i can still detect a little bit of the classmates i grew up with still intact in everyone. it’s in emma’s laughter. in theva’s cynicism. in uncle’s… well, it’s uncle being uncle and uncle is still uncle. you just cannot wipe the smile off my face as i write this. i miss you all to bits.

those were the days, kan? no, i’m not going to get all nostalgic and sappy over here. my thoughts wander and i realise how stubbornly loyal i am to memories of good friends.

and these are great friends.

oh and rick, if you ever hurt emma, you do know that we will kill you, right? whatever’s left of you anyway, after emma’s done pulverizing you first. happy ever after and all that jazz ya!


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