the night before nha trang

cheapskates trying to save on one night’s accomodation will take an all night bus from saigon to nha trang in about 40 minutes’ time. should arrive tomorrow morning at about 6am.

i just cannot describe enough how crazy the traffic is here. one would think that after three days here that i’d get used to crossing streets with a million oncoming motorcycles but nooo… it still freaks me out every single morning. pagi-pagi kena freak out. it really jolts one wide awake. the travellers at backpackerville have a prescription on how to cross the streets here actually: close your eyes and walk backwards. i’m not kidding. it really is that crazy.

it is so crazy, the people here regard traffic watching as a favourite pastime. not only foreigners but locals as well. the majority of cafes have all their seats facing the traffic and people would sit there for hours with some cold beer and fruit shakes and just stare at the traffic.

my very first bowl of pho bo in vietnam!

have i told you guys about pho yet? pho bo – vietnamese beef noodles. simply divine! especially kalau dapat yang thick and savoury soup punya and the thin rice noodles punya. they’re available everywhere, dari fancy cafes to tepi jalan. oh my gosh, the tepi jalan eating scene is totally the in thing here. name it, and you can find it on the streets, from beef noodles to spring rolls to waffles. you’ll find these sweet old vietnamese ladies with two baskets held by a piece of kayu, and they’ve got a stove and a stool and all the ingrediants they’d need there. and then mana-mana diaorang deploy, kat situ la restaurant mereka. and there are so many of them around. at all hours of the day, you can see a vietnamese sitting on a curb or a low stool and eating… and staring at the crazy traffic.

they’re either part of the crazy traffic or watching it. it is truly unbelievable.

ice cream and fresh coconuts can be found everywhere. fruit shakes are considered pretty cool here and just about every cafe has their version on it. i have to personally recommend this one spot at D de tham that has the best damn fruit shake in the whole of vietnam and i’m not the only one who says it. it is run by this old lady who is almost both deaf and blind and she’d squint over the menu when you tell her what you want.

i leave saigon in less than half an hour. final thoughts: you got to have a hell of a sense of humour to enjoy this city. if you’re looking for some chaos and some crazy adventure right on the streets, you’ll find it here. just walking around, and you’ll know for sure that you’re in a whole different country. it almost makes malaysians look gentle as compared to these people. lol. but these people have been through a lot and you got to really admire their resilliance to their horrific past.

i hope the bus is not full so i could stretch out across the seats.

see you a little up north alright!


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