with a rifle on one hand and a plough on the other

rempit vietnam

kl rempits are nothing. you hear that? you’re nothing. kalau korang ingat korang terrer sangat, i dare you take on the streets of ho chi minh city. and if korang tak kena langgar by a sweet vietnamese rempit lady wearing a traditional dress and a straw hat, kira boleh tahan je la tu.

tomorrow, i absolutely MUST go and look for some elevation – and i do meet the height of buildings so i can take a photo of the traffic. other heights should come later on. hopefully in a less busy city.

today was a crash course through vietnamese war history which was utterly fascinating! oh yes, i am a history geek and you know, there really is a lesson that we can take from the war here, besides the celebration that the americans lost it!!! there is so much tactics that went on on the side of the vietnamese – so much so that you can see how just twenty or thirty years ago, how technologically advanced they already were – radio technology, surveillence network, gurilla warfare, an immensely awesome tunnel system… the tunnels are mind blowing. it took so much effort to build and was so instrumental in the vietnamese resistance to the american forces. you know, they were even able to build crazy booby traps that can maim and kill people who fall into them.

gallery 1 of the war remnants museum

and then there is the side of the war that we all see – the devastation – the horrors of people being tortured on the battle fields, in concentration camps, in the fields, at homes – soldiers, civilians, men, women, children, babies, old people – i learnt how even the american GIs who returned to america from fighting in vietnam protested against what they had to do. how even they suffered, losing friends on the battlefields. how press photographers – oh my god this is so damn amazing – how they played such an important role in bringing the horrors of war to everyone else in the world – how they died for the cause of bringing horrific but photos of reality to us… all of this is overwhelming to me.

maybe it is just me. i am crazy about the social realities of the human condition and the historical plays that led to them. i see vietnam – saigon – now and i see how they were three decades ago and i realise how much the country has somewhat progressed from the era of carpet bombings and chemical warfare and things and it is just all so much for me to take on.

therefore i travel. therefore is why i travel.

i will be moving northwards tomorrow night. decided to move up to nha thrang before hoi an.


7 thoughts on “with a rifle on one hand and a plough on the other

  1. are you on the open tour ticket to hanoi? I was backpacking through vietnam in January and the open tour ticket rocks! But now the locals are also using the open tour bus ticket, and one guy brought a python in a suitcase along for the ride. It was wriggling all the way and damn freaky! Enjoy.

  2. eh..yar.the traffic is crazy there….the ladies and men are all rempits there-without helmet …and did you see the amount of stuff they carry with them on the bikes….sheesh.
    americans and brits like to underestimate asians, but the nam war proved them wrong. i’ve met an american soldier who survived the war and he too was in awe of the strategic thinking and fiery in the vietnamese people.
    i only hope when and if the time comes (war or anything) , malaysians can show the same unity. wishful thinking maybe.

  3. their determination in fighting the war is something to be proud of.

    In HCMC, me and tihtahpah hopped onto a motortaxi. 3 persons rode on a kapcai. Geez. That was fun.

  4. amir: open bus ticket totally rocks. i just wish they had the same thing for the train…

    gallivanter: can’t load pics la sayang… my photos are all on high resolution and kebanyakkan computers kat sini don’t even have a USB port:P

    lulu’s mom: yea… the press freedom is kinda heavy though, but the internet is (so far) fine.

    tihtahpah & endroo: my record for suicide motorcycle pillions is six persons. i saw it, i did not ride it. i met a dutch guy yesterday who said he saw seven on a motorcycle just a few days back. take that, mat rempits!!!

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