a hair raising experience at pulau ketam

soundtrack: full circle by aerosmith (1997)

if i could change the world like a fairy tale
i would drink the love from your holy grail

i would talk with love and tell ol’ beelzebub
to get outta town because you just lost your job

how did we get so affected?!
cause i think love is love reflected

time – don’t let it slip away
raise your drinking glass, here’s to yesterday!

in time, we’re all gonna trip away
don’t piss heaven off, we got hell to pay
come full circle

and if there’s a spell on you that i could take away
i would do the deed and by the way

here’s to heaven knows, as the circle goes
it ain’t right, i’m uptight and get off my toes!

i used to think that every little thing i did was crazy
but now i think the karma cops are coming after you

every time you get yourself caught up inside
of someone else’s crazy dream
own it, that’s their mistake

everybody’s gotta lotta nada killing them
instead of killing time

~ thus my completely poetic perspective on the pulau ketam trip. it was an interesting and almost definitely educational experience to meet with this most spirited group of people. i shall leave it to them to elaborate further on their side of the story.


38 thoughts on “a hair raising experience at pulau ketam

  1. eh i couldnt see the pics back in the office …

    fuck, i’m being interrogated … in the first pic …


    eh apa yang pedas ar? kita declare dulu .. sebelum orang kata apa apa la kan …

    just a general disclaimer …

  2. specky in the 5th pic = endroo G

    interogated in the 1st pic = earl-ku

    shiny baldy = gallivanter


    who’s the one i can start charging for taking good pics!:P

  3. hey there,
    you claim that you are a linguist… do you mean that you are multi lingual or that you actually study the function of language?

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  6. *link to web album has been removed*

    update: would like to request anyone who has links to the web album to kindly take them down. in just a matter of hours after this was posted, someone has already reported it as “inappropriate content.” entah la kerja siapa. mabuk kot…

    anyway, i’m keeping the album on, but i’d like all links to it removed, please. those who know the address can still access and download the photos. linking here is fine, tho. sorry and thanks.

  7. earl: thanks, but its alright. i’ll keep it on my picasaweb. i’m not as net savvy as i try to make people think i am. i have back ups on my HD. thanks for the generous offer anyway:D

  8. thats one blardy wanker … the fella jeles … he cannot bear to see people having fun – so he went and preseed the inapproportatieti – fuck how do i spell this man …


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  10. endroog: is that the 19-year-old swearing chick?

    earl-ku & endroog:
    1. it’s “jealous” not “jeles.”
    2. “pressed” is spelt with two “s.”
    3. it’s “inappropriate.”

    sekian terima kasih.

    and contrary to popular belief, linguists are not necessarily teachers.

  11. fuck it …!


    blardy hell … eh at the rate i am typing its the keyboard which is not picking up my taps … not my fault … dont blame me!

  12. err yeah, can i raise another pointer, thats is there is no such things philters … rite … there is only filter(s)

    magic, please change your nick accordingy ok

  13. earl: where were you when i cerita panjang lebar about my nick the other day?!

    endroog: thank you!:D

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