guess what came in the mail this morning?

i’ve had the temp card for what felt like ages! even bryan was calling up asking how come the actual card have not arrived yet.

i know that no one would be handing me an award of anything for what seems to the adventure community as a given, so i’ll just pat myself on the head and eat an ice cream tonight.

i’d like to thank joseph and bryan – my dive instructors – for their patience and advice. you guys are the absolute coolest. joseph was getting me to wake up at 7am so we could try to complete my leisure dives before the boat left aur and dayang at 11am that same morning – gosh, i still remember that! and byran sampai battling it out with a trigger fish on the way to my first wreck dive on tenggol. haha!

to everyone who supported and encouraged me to pursue this very expensive sport – hussain, reynold, my crew back in vm, izad, richard, daniel – you all owe me a dive EACH! speaking of divers, who were the dudes who took an underwater picture of me in kapas? kenapa tak hantaq gambaq kat aku, hah?! i know ajis has a pic, and so does this other guy with a blue wetsuit.

and just because i am on the topic of diving on kapas, guess who was my dive buddy on that trip? come on… you know this one…

why, you ask? well… because i can:) she turned out to be pretty cool to hang out and chill out with too, alright.


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